Introducing Viva Decor!!

i have been flooded with excited, positive responses regarding the newsletter we are putting together to answer YOUR calls for what is missing in the current papercrafting mags.  We hope to have subscriptions open next week so be sure to watch for that post and SPREAD THE WORD!  There will be an introductory special for those who subscribe now!

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and now onto my exciting post for today – VIVA DECOR!!!

i have been sitting on this product for some time while Susana worked to get it into her store and it is finally STOCKED and ready to come home with YOU!  >>CLICK HERE<<  I had been looking into these products prior to CHA and bombarded Susana with emails and links about them.  Once at CHA we visited their booth and the products were everything and then some!  I had the extreme good fortune to be sent to all of their classes at CHA and learned ALOT about the various products they offer.

Susana has picked some of the top notch products perfectly geared towards papercrafters and i just can’t gush enough about them!  The best are the decorative pens – glitter liner, pearl pen, paper pen and glass effects gel pen.  these are all familiar mediums (think glitter glue, liquid pearls,etc) but the formulas used for these are unique from what we are all used to.  

my card uses a die cut from the Pagoda Cricut cartridge – a FABULOUS cartridge!  the top most dark blue layer is spitzed with Vanilla Smooch Spritz for added shimmer.  The video showing how to create the pearl and glitter swirls can be seen over on the SCACD store blog!

There are a couple of things that make these pens unique from what most of us are using.

1. Formula – these pens are AMAZING.  NO MORE little points on top of your pearls/dots.  NO MORE flicking the back of your paper.  NO MORE uneven rows of pearls with some flatter than others and some more spread out than others due to the flicking.  squeeze out a dab and the paint just settles itself into a perfectly rounded little dome shaped pearl.  it is FANTASTIC!

2. Glitter liner – this glitter glue STAYS DIMENSIONAL once dry.  i LOVE this!!!!  not only that but the sparkle is incredible.  the Holo Iridescent color is a MUST HAVE!

3. Size – these are much larger than stickles – this i like since i use ALOT!

4. Washable – The pearl pen can be used on fabric and washed in the washing machine.  I have also experimented with the Glass Effects Gel and put it through the dishwasher and it was unharmed!!!!  OH the possibilities!  There will be a feature article on this in the first issue of the newsletter!

Want more info and a chance to WIN SOME FREE ONES????  head over to the SCACD store blog and check out the 2 videos i made for Susana along with 2 others made by Suzanne!

In addition there is a thick gorgeous 3d glitter paste – i will have an exciting video about that product next week, a crackle medium, modeling grass compound which when spread thin and left to dry can be cut with sizzix dies for truly unique texture on your projects and satine paint which is an incredibly easier more dependable way to create an etched effect on glass, plastic, etc.  oh WHERE was this at Christmas time!

these products come from Germany and have been popular overseas but are just now making their way to the US.  The products are top notch and the company was lots of fun to spend time with at CHA.

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  1. I’ve been looking fwd to these since I heard your CHA report. Now if I’d just get my Feb check from J’s, then I could buy some. Can’t wait to watch the video when I get home.

  2. My friend just told me that her favorite online store is now stocking some of the viva decor products, I’ve enjoyed starting to use them after I bought them from

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