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well i am happy to report we are dodging the bullet this time and getting only rain today instead of snow!!!  yesterday it was 47 degrees and pezzy and i were running errands with no coats because it felt so good!

then we got a weird site when we arrived home.  new folks just moved in next door this weekend.  so we pull in and they are also getting out of the car – a dad, two boys probably 8 & 10 or slightly older and a pre-teen girl.  so i am talking to pez, oh look the new neighbors have kids, blah blah blah and one of the boys – IN THE FRONT YARD – drops his pants and starts peeing in the yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *SCREECH* the worst part, the dad looked at him and said NOTHING!!!!  pez is saying what is he doing?   i mean we aren’t talking about a 3 year old here…..SOOOO i can’t wait to see what else is in store….the last two sets were awful, the first ones moved out in the middle of the night EEK!

ok onto funner things…


the DT call for creative inspirations paints is now closed – i will be getting back to everyone very soon!  wtch for an announcement on the CI blog!


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talk about productive in my studio yesterday!!  it helped that kevin woke up with pezzy so i got some UNINTERRUPTED play time WOO HOO!  i finished 5 projects and 4 video tutorials!!!!!!  HOLY COW!  i find it funny thta sometimes i spend time down there and get very little accomplished and then sometimes i am AMAZED out how much i accomplish!

as many of you remember i had a big giveaway when i hit 100K blog hits and i asked everyone to tell me what products they have that go unused or what tips would they like to see.  One that i get alot was about achieving the *distressed look* on your papercrfts.  Now this topic could make an entire BOOK but i thought it would be helpful to give just some basic tips for starting out or for the occasional distressed project.  the video features steps for making THIS card:

i used patterned paper from a K&Co pad that has an overall *ditressed* look to it.  I crocheted the embellies using a book called beyond the square – if you only get ONE book to crochet embellies this should be the one!!  the medallion has a little glittered skittle in the center.  the flourish accent on the pink panel is by Inkadinkado and stamped with versamark and then embossed with antique linen distress embossing powder.  You can find more details and a quick how to in my latest Stamping Basics video:
i hope you have found it helpful!  be sure to let me know and leave requests if you have them!
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  1. Thanks, Marti!! This tutorial was VERY helpful. I’ve never been satisfied with my distress projects! Now I know why! I was using the distress tool BEFORE I inked the edges! I didn’t realize that I should ink first!!! Gotta give this a try again, now that I know what I was doing wrong!!!


  2. OMG, I lol and almost pimp too! Nice kidz for Pez to play with….not! How could any one person get all that done in 1 day…OMG, you are just too much GF, tut is great, but the killer is “I crocheted”….she bakes, she does this, she does that, she has a small child, she does this, she runs a store, she does this, she has a hubby…..where tell do you get all this energy! must be youth! hugz

  3. All I have to say is WOW! On the new neighbors!! We would have problems ALREADY!!! Yeesh!! Keep Pez far FAR away!!!!

  4. Great video. That’s very helpful.

    Sorry about the neighbors! We just have neighbors that let their dogs run into our yard & poop (as if we won’t notice the tracks in the snow?!)

  5. Fantastic tutorial Marti.. love how you flipped the inks around at the start, so that they all went one way.. I would have too, lol.

    The crocheted embellies are just gorgeous!!!!! Well done you on being able to do them. I just look at the hook thingy and cringe at the thoughts 🙂

    I was trying for ages to see what the name on the new ink was, I didn’t recognise it so I guessed it was a new one.. eeeek!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them. When are you expecting them in??? I neeeeeeeeeed!!

    Sorry about the neighbours, I hope they they turn out to be not as bad as they sound :S

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