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good morning!

reporting in from the front lines of cake decorating adventures today!!  but before getting too far into that be sure and check the following two announcements if you haven’t already!



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as y’all know i was blessed to receive a free cricut cake machine from Provo Craft.  it will arrive by May and there is much to learn before then! well there is for me anyway! i have NEVER messed with gumpaste before ever so i figured i would give it a whirl! of course i only used cookie cutters but baby steps right?? so i thought i would *report in* – DO NOT prepare to be amazed but here is what i came up with followed by some notes:
cake for daddy & trev:

cupcakes for school (in sweet treats cupcake holders of course!):

Sharing her cupcake with her cat tiger (love/hate relationship but they are inseparable):

so now onto my observations:
i used the pre-made wilton gumpaste from michaels – despite the horrible reviews on taste it seemed the easiest place to start. i have to say i don’t think it tasted all that bad. pez loved it. it is definitely the same kind of thing as folks avoiding the buttercream roses because it is just too much – i see NO reason why this is not a perfect decorating medium (i have seen lots of gumpaste bashing)

it was VERY VERY easy to work with. it is quite similar to playdoh. easy to mash up in my hand and super easy to roll out flat. i took a large cutting mat similar to what the cricut mats are made of, buttered it and just rolled it out with my rolling pin. IF i had red coloring paste i would have mixed some in becasue i really wanted red or pink hearts BUT i used it all at christmas and failed to buy more SO i used sprinkles on the white icing to help the white hearts stand out some. i cut them out with a cookie cutter – this stuff is easier to handle than sugar cookie dough!

now once i had all my hearts cut i really felt the need to ink the edges like a paper die cut! will figure that out later, hopefull in a way that does NOT involve buying a cake airbrushing system! instead i took out my red food safe marker and made little dots all the way around.

problems with the cake:
the cupcakes were easy. but the layer sake not so much. my cake making skills are beyond rusty! when i was icing it i hd cake crumbs getting all mixed into the icing. will have to remember how to prevent this – need to do more research. i would love to learn how to cover the entire thing with fondant as that looks SO good but that will take some more work… quite intimidating to be honest….

well i am off to get some work done as i have WAY too much to do!

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9 Responses

  1. Try freezing your cake before frosting. This should take care of the crumbs. My mom does wedding cakes, and she always freezes before frosting. Just leave time for defrost before serving. Love the Cricut Cake.

  2. Really cute cupcakes! I need to get that Sweet Treats cart for those cupcake holders.

    I can’t believe you ate gumpaste! I would recommend that you try the Wilton fondant instead. The gumpaste is meant more for making shaped things like flowers & bows & things you don’t eat. The fondant is softer for eating (like to stick on a cake or cupcakes & be eaten with it).

    You can a few drops of candy oils to flavor it if you don’t like the taste. And I’d roll it thinner too. To roll out a whole mat of it, I use a thin coating of shortening on the mat to keep it from sticking (or for a small item, a little cornstarch/powdered sugar).

    A trick I saw from MS is to lightly frost (crumb coat), then put it in the fridge for 5-10 min. That will hold all those crumbs in & then you can put the pretty icing on over it. Frosting the cake should be done with thinned icing & the trick is to not let the spatula touch the cake – always keep icing between them.

    I wish you lived closer & we could play!

  3. As if I didn’t type enough before , I forgot to say, you can brush pearl dust on the edge of the cutout to add color (like inking). Email me if you want more details.

  4. Cute cupcakes and holders!

  5. Tis FAB GF…..what? you don’t have enuf to do! lol, some people luv punishment GF, I actually am laughing so hard right now, tears are streaming….you certainly are one heck of a trip (all by yourself), xxoo

  6. One way to reduce or eliminate crumbling that I use is to first make sure that the cake is COOL…and the frosting is soft…brush off excess crumbs and dip the spatula or knife in water ( I think room temp is fine) in between frosting…so frost…dip knife…scoop more frosting and spread…and repeat! This always works for me!!

  7. Awwwww! I love the cupcakes in their treat holder!!! And *cries* Pezzy’s hair!!! She’s still just gosh darn cute with the short hair though!!!

  8. Marti, I love the cupcakes! They’re adorable. Can’t wait to see what you come up with when you get your Cricut Cake!! Love Pez’s new hair even though it was not in the plans—when my daughter was 4 or 5 she got bubble gum all through her very long hair, and I was devastated thinking that I was going to have to cut it! But I tried peanut butter, and it actually worked. I know that has nothing to do with what Pezzy did to her hair, but mine have never cut their hair, so that’s my horror hair story!!
    P.S. I love the cupcakes in their boxes, buy how do you transport them safely like that to her school?

  9. Marti – Great job with the cupcakes! To avoid crumbs, make your own buttercream, that way you can adjust the consistency of the icing. Needs to be quite soft to spread well. Most premade icing is just too sticky. It pulls the cake apart while you’re trying to frost it, then never hardens so you can re-coat the crumb layer. Use parchment paper in the bottom of your pan (cut to size) after you’ve used Baker’s Joy to coat the pan. The parchment leaves a nice smooth surface on the “top” of the cake. Cut the crown off the top of the cake with a knife or use dental floss to make a flat cake. Flip the cake over, now the bottom is the top, nice n smooth to frost. Do a crumb coating (light layer), let this dry for a half hour, then finish off frosting the sides of the cake. Easy buttercream recipe: 1 cup Crisco, 1 stick butter, 2 teaspoons of vanilla or flavoring of your choice, 1/4 cup water or milk, 32 oz bag of confectioner’s sugar and 1 teaspoon of meringue powder so the frosting will crust over. (put plastic wrap over your mixing bowl before you turn on your mixer to prevent sugar all over the kitchen!) This makes almost 6 cups of icing, enough to frost two 2-layer cakes. Add up to 2 tablspoons of water/milk to thin to the consistency you need for spreading. Stores in the fridge up to 2 weeks. Tastes great, too!!

    Enjoy your Cricut Cake!

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