Just Buggin’: 3D challenge!

yes…it snowed again….so pezzy and i were out bright n early yesterday to shovel the walkway….again….

not only did we get snow we got 50 MPH winds to go with it.  so we got these amazing looking drifts of snow all over the place.

when i first went out to shovel the porch and walkway i looked across the street and it appeared the driveways were not to bad – we only got about another foot or so.  then i saw the end of MY driveway…

thats the top of my mailbox pole sticking up!  SOOOOO spent more of yesterdy shoveling.  we got an emil asking us to shovel the sidewalks out…yea i will get right on that…..so hubby is back at work today with my truck.  which means i need to dig out my son’s car because i gotta get OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!  so does pezzy – she wants to hit walmart – she has some stickers to *cash in* for rewards and i feel the need to hit a joanns or something!  i hear the new DCWV stacks are showing up at some of them!

we did get out yesterday and hit the local chinese restaurant for lunch.  i brought my camera of course!  snapped this pic in the parking lot

thats a large pile of snow…….

ok i promise no more snow pics!

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onto the fun!  i SO love my project for today!  the Just Buggin’ DT was challenged with a 3d design this week.  well i just got my amazing K&Co 12×24 patterned paper stack so the timing was perfect!  i decided to make one of the purses on the Forever Young cart.

isn’t it adorable?!!??!  first, here is my assessment of the paaper itself since this is a new thing for K&Co.  i can tell you i wish it was heavier.  when i first peeled it up off the mat (new mat so extra sticky – that did not help matters) the thin paper was very curled and i was scared it would not work as planned.  however i worried for nothing!  once i put it together it was perfect!! and BIG!  the whole purse measures 8 1/2″ tall and 6″ wide!  the *box* portion which would hold a gift is 5″ x 3″ and 2 1/4″ tall.  a  much more usable size than what i get when i use 12 x 12 paper for sure!

i edged the whole thing with Espresso adirondack ink and a foam blending tool.  the rhinestone swirl is from the CHA super show and of course lots of my glittered skittles as accents.  i also wanted to add a flower but i decided to try my hand at 3d for that too.  i cut the flower from Forever Young also and then followed the steps for grungepaper roses – YEP works on paper too – although grungepaper is probably better.  i decided afterwrd i wish it was bigger too but maybe next time!  the center is cinnamon stickles.  so how cute is this as a little gift bag???

i sure hope you can join in the JB challenge and be sure to head over there and check out what the other DT girls have done!  lots of inspiration over there!

i have not been to MY michaels in quite awhile but i hear these pads are available there now.  while at CHA i spoke with the rep for K&Co about the pads and he told me there were NO plans to make anymore this year – he said it was sort of a test and they were not expecting iot to go far.  he seemed surprised when told him how much us cricut folks would love more 12 x 24 options.  he told me he would see if it were possible to at least get one slated for christmas but they are already working on 2011 products.  SO if you hve this pad and love it or want to see more let K& Co kow how you feel!  email them info@wilton.com and let them know your thoughts!

cross your fingers pezzy and i get to get out of the house today!


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7 Responses

  1. That purse is adorable & makes me want that cart even more! Thanks for sharing it with the bigger paper. I’ll have to check M’s for that.

    The pics are hilarous! At least Pezzy keeps her clothes on in the snow.

    Your poor mailbox 😦 And the parking lot is amazing. J’s in Hudson had piles that big last night, but they’re way around the outside of a HUGE parking lot. Your whole world has snow that high & you’re running out of room to put it!

  2. The snow drifts are so pretty. I know you usually don’t get that much snow where you live. It is a typical picture for winters here in Nova Scotia, Canada, but we’ve had very little so far in January. Now we’re halfway through Feburary and there is just enough snow to cover the ground…you are getting it all down in the USA!

  3. GIRL, GET A SNOWBLOWER! You certainly don’t need to go to the gym. You are getting your workout just shoveling. Growing up in MN., I know the hard work it is. It is harder still when you have to throw the snow up so high over the snowbanks. I agree the sidewalks are secondary. Let people walk in th streets if they have to. Next you will have to worry about someone slipping and getting hurt on the ice on the sidewalks. THINK SPRING!

  4. I am so glad that I don’t live with snow. You are definitely getting a work out shoveling all this snow. Have fun shopping!

  5. I love the purse you made with the large paper. I emailed to the address you gave to ask them not to discontinue this product. Hope it helps. By-the-way – WOW on the snow pics. Hugs!!!!

  6. Your little purse is so cute, I love the bling!

  7. Marti, I love looking at your snow photos….. I can hardly believe how much is there… WOW! Your purse is adorable, I love the paper you use, fabulous!
    Robin 🙂

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