HOLY COW did we get snow!!!


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  1. WOW!! That’s a lot of snow!!! What part of the country are you at? We had a 30% chance for snow, but I’m happy to say it’s still dry here. LOL
    Thanks for sharing your pics.

    • Hi, We got snow too! 2 foot of it!! I live in a suburb north of Pittsburgh, PA and am snowed in. We are in a state of emergency and no one is allowed out on the roads (couldnt get there if you tried anyway!). We are also expecting another 4-8 inches this coming week. My kids are scheduled to leave for a trip to Disney next Friday with their marching band. Sure hope the weather cooperates so that they can get out of this weather!

  2. We’re about an hour north of you, in Baltimore, MD, where we usually get 18″ of snow each winter. This is our second storm this winter of more than that. We are at 22″ and measuring, waiting for the official total. Enough already! … and it’s supposed to snow Tuesday and Wednesday nights, too!

  3. Holy Cow for sure!! WOW This is why I live in the south!! LOL Looks like the perfect excuse to stay in and craft! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pictures. Pez is so adorable all bundled up to play in the snow.

  4. Thanks for the pictures. It’s so pretty to look at but it’s the #1 reason I moved south!

  5. I’m glad YOU like to shovel snow! I sure don’t!!!! This looks like what we had at Christmas time when all family was either snowed in or snowed out, but not all together in one place 😦 I say….bring on SPRING!!! I’m tired of seeing white!

  6. Hey Marti! That looks sooo pretty!! We don’t really get that much here in OK, although our Christmas Eve storm and the one about 10 days ago came close! My kids and I think that would be a blast, but my DH says it would be miserable!!! What’s your verdict? Love the pink “snow wear” that Pezzy is wearing!! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  7. Alas we will never have weather like that.
    Living in Schertz, Tx. right out side of
    San Antonio. We are at 51 degrees now and
    we are all freezing. LOL

    Shirley B.

  8. Fun for a while huh? Are you getting out at all???

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