thinking of spring in the snow….


here is what i woke up to:

i know most folks around here are not used to having so much snow so often but i LOVE it.  tough i admit it is even better now that i don’t have to go to work in it every day!

we don’t get enough snow to shut things down for a week but the way everyone freaks out around here you would think we DO!

now seriously isn’t that just BEAUTIFUL!!

and YES my drive is completely shoveled already as you can see in the first pic.  Pezzy the Wonder Tot, who did NOT nap yesterday, and DID NOT go straight to bed without a fight last night, was back up at 4:30 this morning.  dad & i both tried to put her back to sleep but no go.  so when daddy went out to get the snow off the truck to go to work we got dressed and went out to – it was 5:30 am!!!  she brought one of her big trucks out and played snow plow while i shoveled – the news said it would get slushy nd heavy fast today so i figured since we were up i would shovel while it was light & fluffy!  we have MORE coming this weekend so i think my CTMH party will likely get postponed WAHHHHHH!!!

while i was shoveling this past weekend one of my neighbors came out to do his drive.  so he starts up this big snow blower machine – the exhaust stunk up the whole area immediately – he is across the street and 2 houses down so that is a pretty wide area.  and i got to thinking about how it is the IN thing to be environmentally conscious and folks are talking about doing their part to help and getting cars with hybrid technology, etc.  and yet i look around my neighborhood and i cannot BELIEVE how many people have big  polluting gas sucking snowblowers and riding lawnmowers for NO reason.  the lots here are only 1/4 acre give or take – very little grass to actually mow.  and most driveways are 2 cars wide and less than 2 car lengths long.  ours is 3 cars wide and 2 car lengths long and it took me ONE hour to shovel it all, sidewalks and all.  seems such a waste to me……..and SO lazy……..

ok enough ranting from me!!!

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for today’s card i used my friend melissa’s sketch over on tuesday morning sketches.  this is actually LAST week’s sketch.  if you want to check out this week’s sketch head over there and play along for a PRIZE!!

i threw this together from scraps so i am not completely sure what the patterned paper is but i THINK it is basic grey, maybe june bug…???  i cuttlebugged my card base and decided to leave it bare rather than ink it up like i usually do.  then i took my scrap of patterned paper and i realized one of the shades of microbeads in my MS set matched it perfectly.  SO i put a strip of scor tape across it and covered it in beads – i LOVE it!  a fun little touch for the card.  i inked the edges with memento bamboo leaves and my foam ink blending tool.  the flower is from petaloo and i finished off with a few of my exclusive green glittered skittles.

My main image is a digi i printed of a sketch i asked my mom to do for me from a design on my kitchen canisters 🙂  she did a set of three – two main images and a border type one – i just LOVE them!  i printed it on sketch paper and then colored with prisma pencils (no gamsol).  i added a bit of flower soft where the flowers were.

i’m glad i got the shoveling done because today is trev’s 17th bday so i have red velvet cake to make!  pezzy and i disagree over the final cake.  i want to do two layers – practice for that cricut cake coming my way in a couple months.  SHE wants only one layer because thats all she is familiar with i think…..

have a FUN day folks!!

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2 Responses

  1. Red Velvet sounds awesome. I don’t know if Pezzy is an icing girl, but tell her if you make 2 layers, you can put icing between them!

    And I want to hear more about your cricut cake. Send me an email sometime.

  2. Super Tot & Super Mom–you are soo crazy going outside that early! Not me–I’ll give you whatever snow we get tomorrow okay! I’m OVER IT!!! Thinking I might not get out to your party, my curse has struck again, LOL!


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