Upcoming classes & get togethers

hi all!!

I am in the midst of getting some things on the works for classes AND i am also hosting a Close To My Heart party here at my house.  i HAD an extensive list of folks who always came to my demos and stuff here and i seem to have *lost* it somehow!!!  SO if you were one of those folks or would like to BECOME one of those folks PLEASE let me know so I can re-build my list!

Upcoming things:

Close To My Heart Workshop – feb 6th 3pm – free to attend

Tim Holtz themed – we will make the grungepaper rose collage from CHA this year

date & cost TBD

Tim Holtz themed – we will make the alcohol ink wall hanging from CHA last year

Date & cost to be determined

i look forward to seeing some of you!!
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5 Responses

  1. those both look like but but I am really digging the first one. I’ve been wanting to make some flowers like that but just don’t have the goods for it 😦

  2. Both of these are gorgeous!! I especially love the wall hanging, It is purple, after all!!! Awesome!!

  3. I wish you were in the Charlotte, NC area. I would love to come to your classes but, alas, I fear you live too far away. Boo Hoo!

  4. If only you lived closer! It would be bad for my checkbook, but lots of fun.

  5. OMG, they are fantastic!! Have fun 🙂

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