WOW OH WOW did i have a packed day yesterday!!!  and yet i feel like i did so little!!! 

got to the show floor and i swear – i walked thru those doors for the first time (this is the retailer only portion not the supershow) but i walked thru those doors and it is like walking into heaven!!!!  the scene is SO overwhelming and i just didn’t know where to go first. i mean i can walk thru my michaels aisles for hours and i have a tiny crappy Ms full of things i have seen a million times so THIS is just unbelievable 

we stopper first at the greeting farm booth and i met jessica deidrich but marie wasn’t there.  then we headed to one corner to do all the aisles.  two things happen when you wander CHA – the new products of course are SO FUN to see but then there are the BOOTHS – some of the booths make your jaw drop.  i would give ANYTHING to see the scenes of the booths getting set up – check this one out from graphic 45: 





i spent a good part of my day first in a class put on by paper crafts magazine that i thoroughly enjoyed – gave me LOADS of ideas for how to structure my upcoming classes.  all the ladies of the mag were there and they were just as sweet as could be.  opened my eyes i tell ya to what the magazine has to offer from a teaching perspective and i will read it with a whole different mindset now. 

the next large chunk of time ws spent meeting with viva decor.  

The Sales Rep we met with


Susana at SCACD will be bringing in  huge selection of products and they are all READY NOW!!!  so no waiting on this one folks!!  this is not a new company – they are pretty big in europe already but it is somewhat new to the US and folks – words cannot express how excited i am about these.  i will be in three classes with them learning the ins & outs of their products and then will begin weekly video tutorials – you will not want to miss these.  nd if you are one of my cricut crazy followers you will REALLY NOT WANT TO MISS THIS – it is THE BEST!  i don’t even know where to begin with them – pearl pen – make perfect round little pearls – NO PEEKS on top – PERFECT, say it with me PERFECT little round pearls AND THEY ARE MACHINE WASHABLE.  so you can put them on clothing too!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

glitter liner THAT STAYS DIMENSIONAL when dry – SWEET 

anyone ever mess with embossing paste or embossing icing????  well not only is their embossing paste far better than the two i have used they have a selection that is PURE GLITTER nd gain stays dimensional.  think of it – cut a stencil from vinyl with your cricut, lay it down, smooth on the glitter paste, lift the stencil.  will make you fall over – i’m just sayin’….. 

liquid glass gel type pen – OOHHHHHH MYYYYYY. pull out those acrylic albums & acetate cards my friends.  these babies are brilliant.  draw up a few quick flowers on your non-stick craft sheet, let dry, peel it up – gorgeous little embellie. 

and there’s more but you will have to wait as i need to move on – anyone still with me??????? 

i have managed to hit a few booths & do fly by meetings with some of my vendors but nowhere near covered what i wanted to. 

we watched two of my buddies from Holidays with the Cricut do a demo up on the Provocraft stage – they were fabulous AND i won the batman cartridge WOO HOO!!! 


now i thought my fun dinner with the cricut girls and the fabulous jim colby was the highlight of my year…..then we went to the private cricut cake gala last night. 


UMMM thats a BLOCK OF ICE y’all!!!  and just look at the goodies surrounding it: 


mark montano was there - can you believe the OUTFIT?!?!?!?!?!


there was a cake walk and three MB gals got chosen to participate – megan, nilda & lanie 




lanie & nilda 


and we’re walkin’…….. 


jim thornton, CEO – how cool is THAT??  super super nice guy! 

and how about some of those incredible cricut cakes: 





 wanna know the best part?


we are all getting  free cricut cake machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they will be here by may 1 – i will be having cake classes as soon as it arrives!!!!!

ok i have my day mapped out – literally on the map – i have a lot of ground to cover and hope to have loads of non-cricut info to fill you in on tomorrow, including the latest from spell binders – a punch machine….


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  1. Marti, it was SOOO great to meet you. You are a complete blast. Congrats on the Cake machine (way jealous). Had a great time, and hope to meet you again. 🙂 BTW, your daughter is “supah” cute!

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