CHA super show day 2

i am only on day 2 and i am already having trouble remembering my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yesterday was a whirlwind of awesomeness i will never forget.  the supershow is NOT the place where companies (other than provocraft) release their new goodies so it wasn’t so much that.  it was the PEOPLE.  ALL the incredible, wonderful, amazing, talented people that graced my day – it will be hard to find the words to express the emotions – BUT I HAVE LOTS OF PICS!!!

after the fiasco of forgetting to eat for the ENTIRE day friday i made up for it at breakfast:

ok so i didn’t eat it ALL but i did eat a good bit of it!  best thing this is from the FREE, i said FREE breakfast bar our hotel offers every morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i first FIRST started dabbling in stamping & papercrafts i stumbled on a blog with a post of the most amazing  shimmering background on a card i had ever seem using perfect pearls.  i wanted to do it!!!!  BUT it was a technique junkies newsletter technique and to do it i needed the newsletter.  i immediately subscribed to current issues as well as bought several back issues and i was instantly enthralled, awed & amazed. i AM a tech junkie at heart tho i don’t always have the time anymore.  this is one of the things i hope to change with my new year’s resolution of taking back some of my time for me.  when i heard pat huntoon – THE tech junkie herself – was going to be at CHA i emailed her immediately and said i couldn’t wait to meet her.  not only that but lisa somerville (Splendiforous Creations) would be here too!  she is one of the first blogs i began following as a direct result of those first issues of the TJ newsletter.  i hurried over to the booth yesterday after my class with Tim (more on tht in a minute) and not only saw lisa but HER MOM –Queen of Grunge – Gerrie Johnnic!!!!  another one i have been admiring for SUCH a long time!!!!!!!!!!!  can i just tell you the three of them are FABULOUS!!!!!  so i spent a bit of time chatting, showing off my tim project – they were taking his afternoon class.

Pat, Mr. Froggy, me, Lil Snowman, Gerrie & Lisa

i encourage everyone to go check out Pat Huntoon (Technique Junkies newsletter) – her newsletters are simply amazing!!!

cricut meet up – all us crazy cricut folks wanted to meet up so we had decided to hit Megan’s booth – Above Rubies Studio – first thing on saturday morning so we could finally put faces with all the names.  WHAT A RIOT!!

notice flat mandy was here as well as the pic i had for my flat catherine!  can i just tell ya the cricut girls are the FUNNEST girls!!

from there i hit my tim holtz class – NIRVANA!!

hideous lighting – sorry but WOW how cool is that little thing huh????????????  GRUNGE PAPER ROSES in the new distress colors WITH the new sizzix dies *SWOON* this was exciting for me as i had not had time to do any yet.  easy peasy i gotta tell ya!  he was unbelievable as always.  got through the complete project with 15 minutes to spare – no one else can do that.  what that man packs into 2 hours is phenomenal!  the highlight?  a FREE copy of his new book which he signed!!!!!

The gang's all here!

check out my finally finished flat catherine!!!  suzanne drew the picture for me and i added her photo during class!

next i made a beeline for the cricut booth where i was not finished grilling eric about the cuttlebug:

seriously y'all - how CUTE is he????

the booth was slammed but when i came up he took some time to show me another new thing coming for the cuttlebug QUILLING!!!  yes i said QUILLING.

see the long skinny dies?  cut your strip, slide one end onto the tip of the quilling tool and roll it up tight.

fluff it into an adorable little 3D flower *SCREECH*

LAYER THEM!!!  say it with me – oooohhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh  how muuuuuuuch?????

i did not get a price point but let’s be honest with ourselves DO WE REALLY CARE???  of course we have to have them ALL!!!!!!!

a HUGE thank you to eric who has spent a great deal of time with me!!!  and to bevan, his boss, for keeping that cuttlebug one of the best tools in my craft room!!!!!

nd now truly the highlight of my trip – the cricut board dinner at bubba gump’s.  25 or so ladies runnin on craft crazed adrenaline – how scary IS THAT???

well it was not too scary for this guy:

Who is that???  none other than Jim Colby, Vice President of Product Development for ProvoCraft!!!!!!!!  he accepted the invitation to our crazy dinner and said he wanted  face to face conversation with some of his best customers.  **SQUEAL**  he wanted the good, the bad & the ugly and wanted to answer all of our questions, address our concerns and hear what we had to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  people.  how cool is that???  he sat with us for HOURS and discussed it ALLLLLLLL.  while i cannot reveal EVERYTHING he said out of respect for his openness with us i want to tell you all to just have faith and no provocraft is listening.  i have to say after our dinner i will back provocraft in all of their business decisions and know they are balancing ALOT in the very best possible way they can and that is a TOUGH job. 

what about that cat cartridge we have been asking for?  what about those boy cartridges we ll want so bad?  well he emailed his art director right there at the table and said “he was sitting with a group of PC’s most valuable customers and they want a cat cartridge and more boy cartridges.”  but just in case she wasn’t taking our demands seriously i suggested we hold him hostage and send her a pic…..

yes i wrapped him to his chair with paper towels and we wrote our demands across his chest, took a pic with his phone and he sent it to her.  now come on peeps – HOW great is this guy???  Jim our hats are off to you for being one of the best sports i have ever met!  warnin’ ya now folks – don’t bad mouth PC where i can see it!!!!

of course flat catherine came to dinner with us!

also ran into my sweet friend wendy and her adorable daughter amelia!

ok would type more but it is time to get back out there!!!!

hugs to you all!!


7 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for a fun insight of CHA — please keep it up — we all, who are not “over there” do appreciate it everso much! Fun, fun, fun.

    Greetings from Sally in France

  2. Wow! What an amazing day! I love that you are sharing your CHA experience with us. How awesome to have a signed copy of Tim’s book.

  3. That is awesome. What a great sport he was.

    I can’t wait to see those quilling cutters in real life. Cool

  4. I would love to get to go sometime. I really want to see how those 12 inch plates work with the cb and the flowers.

  5. HAAAAAAAAAAHAHA omg I can’t write because I’m on the floor laughing and I can’t see because of the tears in my eyes!!!! O.M.G!!! *HUGS* you guys are too flippin’ SWEET!!! Now I can say I was at CHA 2010 too!!!

    Swoon, drool and a little tinkle (TMI LOL) for your TH project!!! Holy canoli!!! And soooo awesome mr frog and lil snowman makin’ it out!!! Thank you for taking me with you!!! Next year not so flat Catherine WILL be there! Pennies going into the CHA jar now!!!

    Keep having a ridiculously AWESOME time!!! Ill be reading!!!

  6. It was so great to meet you to Marti – hope to run into you again! See you Monday from 7-9!

    PS – Mom was glad to meet you too!

  7. Your pics are all fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing them!

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