Cuttlebug HEAVEN & lots of other stuff!


we made it!  our ride was really bumpy, stomach dropping bumpy, and suzanne doesn’t fly well when the ride is good!!!  she kept saying are you sure we’re ok? are you sure?  and even had the barf bg out EEK! poor thing!  but we made it – no snow delays leaving, no rain delays landing.  this place IS SOAKED TO THE BONE tho!  and a tad bit chilly.  however the weather is supposed to get nicer & nicer as we go!

Pezzy the wonder tot is being good for her daddy – unlike last year.  so hoping they have a good time together – little girls need their daddies!  my daddy was MY WORLD as a child, i absolutely worshipped him.  (he IS STILL the greatest thing EVER and hubby is JUST like him – go figure!!!!!)  unfortunately she-who-never-sleeps was up at 4am today – daddy is NOT a morning person….

pezzy helped me pack:

those are her two fave friends that usually sleep in her bed with her.  mr froggy is in case i miss her and lil snowman is in case i miss trevor (my 17 year old – he’s thrilled…)

i tell ya God knew what he was doing when he put all that extra cute on her!!!

so Mr F & lil S are just hangin waiting for the adventures of the day to start.  i will chronicle their CHA antics along with mine – who thinks i can get a pic of them with tim holtz today in class??????  Our hotel is wonderful – we stayed here last year – it is a residence inn so it has a bedroom, fully stocked kitchen, little dining table AND THE WILL DELIVER YOU SOME GROCERIES WITH NO DELIVERY CHARGE!!!  not only are we in the exact same room as last year but the lady at the front desk actually remembered us – apparently we left quite an impression……..

but thats not why you’re really here is it???  you want some CHA scoop!!!  well i must say i had lots of fun and am already overwhelmed and we haven’t even gotten to the REALLY good stuff!!!  now first some clarification – The portion of the show going on right now is the portion for CONSUMERS to come in and shop.  HOWEVER, none of the new release stuff is available yet and Provocraft is the only one even showing their new releases.  products announced at CHA are usually not actually available to retailers for 1-4 months or more.  HOWEVER i am having a blast seeing some GREAT folks, some of whom i have none online for years! 

our first stop was my friend robin AKA The Pink Stamper’s booth.  Robin is WELL KNOWN for her fantastic video tutorials and has come out with 2 DVDs as well as her OWN line of CLEAR STAMPS – will have more pics with robin tomorrow.

next we headed to the splitcoast stampers booth – it is ADORABLE!!!  there are these incredible balloon sculpture columns in my FAVORITE bright orange and bright pink and a little area set up like a living room with a couch and chairs and ADORABLE pillows sewn by the FABBY jen balcer herself!!!!  her stories about sewing them are fun – let’s just say first sewing project and maybe last!!!

As i said ProvoCrft was the only one announcing their new stuff right there to the general public and their booth was HUGE as it always is!  first cricut news – a new machine – cricut cake.  this is basically a red expression for cutting fondant to decorate cakes – & let me tell you the cakes are amazing!!!!!!!!

the stage and the chef hats they are giving out…

some of the cakes – oh lemme at it.  i had alredy decided that one thing i wanted to start playing around with this year was fondant – i LOVE to bake and LOVE to decorate cakes.  so this is well timed for me tho i will just use my regular expression….

the machine – no little rubber rollers on the bar that usually hold the paper down – when using a regular cricut to do fondant you have to slide those rubber things over.  i believe the blade housing is a bit different too. 

the mat – no idea what the circles are for but apparently they are there for a reason… will get a much more in depth report on this soon promise!  how was it received?  well the crowds were enthusiastic but at cha is hard NOT to be giddy!  the reception in the cake world and on cake boards is awesome, on the cricut board NOT AWESOME.  i don’t know why but folks seem to think it is a horrible idea to cut icing with a cricut.  also don’t think cake folks would invest in one but hey us paper folks do….so i think it is a GREAT thing.  the one thing i DO NOT like – as usual cricut has made an exclusive cartridge for this machine. I. WANT. IT.  totally burns me up…..

there will be over a hundred new cartridges – you can see some previews on >>Meg’s blog<<  let me just tell you halloween, aliens & robots – on my must have list (please oh please hubby…)

now onto cuttlebug – i have a lot more info on that.  i spent some time talking with eric – he is in charge of the cuttlebug product line.  provocraft was actually considering doing away with it EGADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  he has been on a mission to save it and doing a wonderful job dontcha think????? so here is the rundown – two new machines – a blue one out now:

and a red one coming in the spring – SOOOOO cute!!!!!!!

*SWOON* oh how i love this red one with the butterflies!!!!!  makes my poor little green one seem so plain……

now the big news – all scheduled for late April release – folders GALORE coming:

these really are the best yet – my faves? – hard to say but there are TWO more swiss dots styles coming – medium dots and large dots!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i will have individual pics of them all tomorrow.

next big move – 12″ border embossing folders.  yes i said 12″ borders:

and don’t forget to tell Terrikrafts you’ll be needing the new 12″ plates to go with them.  she ALWAYS has the best prices on the net:

now i saved the best for last – eric is genius – folders that CUT AND EMBOSS at the SAME TIME:

this one is an absolute MUST if i get nothing else!!!!

i also stopped for a visit with my friend Mary from Spellbinders and that new release blog party they had – that my friends was the tip of the iceberg.  i know the rest but have been sworn to secrecy!!!!!!  you will want to pay attention tho – full details here on Sunday night!!!!

OF COURSE i stopped to see Cricut Dan – just love love love him!!!  he was demoing the creatopi from xyron – i must say VERY VERY intriguing…….an amazing all in one machine with endless possibilities that will almost surely find it’s way to my craft room eventually…….i will be spending more time with that today too.

next i stopped by the Viva Decor booth. these are not new products BUT i have not seen them around alot yet.  however i have been studying their website and took a quick peek and they are SWEET!!!  if you are multicrafty OR into collage and mixed media like me they are a MUST HAVE addition.  i will be doing their make n takes today plus taking two classes with them this week and will have LOTS of how to videos in the coming weeks.

i also got to stop by sweet sweet megan’s booth – Above Rubies Studio – maker of the first and MOST AWESOME cricut how to DVD EVER!!!!  she is here with hubby and they are just way too cute i have to say.  i look forward to spending more time with them.  she has alot of viva decor in her booth PLUS SOME INCREDIBLE iron on glitter vinyl for the cricut to make shirts – sorry hubby i am trying to be good but that stuff will be coming to live with me TODAY.  megan already has several viva decor how tos on her site so be sure to take a look at those!

i will be getting way more info on the provocraft front today when i am less hurried and don’t have a splitting headache because i FORGOT TO EAT the ENTIRE day!!!!  this is what happens when i don’t have catherine here to take care of me *sniff sniff*  but suzanne and i have plans for our missing third muskateer – you WILL NOT want to miss THAT!!  cat we love and miss you!!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Marti, THANK YOU for the updates. I am on pins and needles and will simply have to make the next CHA trip myself. Enjoy your visit and don’t forget to snack and sleep!

  2. Thanks for all the news on the new CB products.

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