Yummy Microbeads y’all!! more tips!


Pezzy has been WAY too full of energy without being able to play outside SO i decided to go check out this gymnastics place that opened up the road.  there was open gym for an hour and she LOVED it!  not as good as the discovery zones of the boys childhood days but a GOOD option for winter time rambunctiousness!  i am trying to help them get a regular weekly class together for 2-3 year olds – i so hope i can do it!!


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i have lots more fun microbeads ideas and samples for ya today so lets get on with it!!

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i made a little set of bday cards (these are up on etsy now too – nice to have on hand!)

This last one uses Martha’s Tinsel glitter instead of micrbeads but the method is the same…and YES it really does shine that much!!  you can get the glitter sets from SCACD if you can’t find them near you!  i think the iridescent is a MUST for easter projects!!

i used the same basic layout for ech card and this adorable little cupcake die cut from the doodlecharms cricut cartridge.  the circle behind the cupcake is embossed with one of the new asian CB embossing folders – these are really nice!!  each one is lightly rubbed with ink using my trusty foam ink blending tool.
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now tips on microbeads – i did a few different things with these cards.  ADHESIVE ADHESIVE ADHESIVE – this is the most important thing.  i tried the plain glue pen from SU and glossy accents.  the glue pen did not even stick and the glossy accents sticks really well but does not give you the fine, crisp edge.  SO today i am using glue dots, scortape and xyron adhesives.  these work really really well and the beads STAY on your card!

Card 1:

i used beads in two different ways on this card.  this card cme about from some scraps i found while cleaning out – i had the card base and the patterned border and i really liked them together.

Two steps today will really demonstrate my FAVE aspect of my tim holtz design ruler.  this thing is SO perfect – clear and perfectly even grids.  in addition it has regular markings on one side and zero center markings on the other – SO SUPER quick n easy to find the center – you can see above how i marked the border to cut each side evenly.  makes it SO easy!

the first idea i had was to accentuate the pattern on my border piece.  i used my scortape the same as before.

next i poured on some green microbeads.  instant pizzazz!

next i wanted to *bead* the top of my cupcake.  first i put it through my xyron – xyrons are the best when doing a technique that requires good & thorough stickiness!

then i just dropped it into my little tub of crystal microbeads and smooshed it around  bit to get it good and covered.

the pic TOTALLY does not do this one justice!!  

next i wanted to try colored microbeads over white cardstock.  the top of the cupcake was done the same as the first one.

i wanted to try my hand at some stripes long the lower panel.  i wanted to show again how easy the design ruler.  i quickly found the center and then marked off my stripes.

i covered the front of the crdstock with adhesive – here i used extra wide scor tape but i would hve used my xyron if it had not been out of adhesive CK!!  i had saved the pieces i peeled off of some scor tape earlier and used that to mask my stripes.

i covered the whole thing with turquoise beads.  then i peeled of the masking to expose the rest of the adhesive and covered that with pink microbeads.  pretty net i think BUT i DO prefer using colored paper underneath.

Card 3:

I used the same method of a strip of scor tape for the row across the bottom of the patterned paper.  then on the top of the cupcake i decided to try some dots using glue dots to adhere the beads and it worked like a charm!

i hope i am giving y’all some ideas for your microbeads if you had some hiding in your scrap stash!

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2 Responses

  1. Oh How fun! Can you color clear micro-beads with reinkers or anything??

  2. Great ideas! I would’ve never thought about masking off those stripes that way.

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