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hi all!

what a busy week!  the cold has been unbelievable! and snow AGAIN last night but just an inch or so.  let me tell you it had better NOT snow when i am leaving for CHA!!!!

my poor hubby has been working a HUGE amount of hours still which means i am on my own in the evenings – i am not the best at the bedtime routine since hubby usually does it.  and LORD don’t look at the kitchen EEK!!!  my craft room clean up has had to be delayed but i am so hoping to get more done this weekend!  i am planning on having LOTS of patterned paper up on ebay!  gotta make room for more – i just took a look at the new lines coming from SEI (LOVE SEI) and the are fabulous!  that birthday line MUST come home to live with me!  you can check them out here:

i am excited to see what else will be unveiled by some of my other faves – bo bunny, imaginisce, basic grey – the list goes on and on!  so OUT WITH THE OLD!  some will go to my step mom *waving* as she has already put in a request for it 🙂  She got me my first cricut and created the monster i have become and then my dad got her an E and she is getting to be just as bad as me!

now a few updates & such…
i want to start off by letting y’all know that the 40% off sale is over for some of the items in the store but i will continue to have many things on clearance so be sure to check the clearance page.  and a big thank you to everyone who helped me create some space in my storage area!

some product updates for you – my ENTIRE shipment of glittered skittles arrived WRONG so i am out of mnay colors & working to correct it ASAP but since they are custom made OVERSEAS it is a bit of a lengthy process.  also the skittle spiders/bats are sold out and will not reappear until possibly next halloween.  I AM considering some easter skittle designs…..skittle eggs anyone???

Polkadot Pie Chocolate Treats sets have been selling out faster than i can get them in but more will arrive next week.

A question about the special order Martha Stewart microbeds sets i am offering – some of the colors in the sets are the same BUT the finish IS NOT.  the regular set has a luster/pearl type look to them and the metallic has a metallic finish.

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and now as promised some tips for layering your acetate cards.  so sorry for the delay!

i am using the acetate card from my microbead tutorial.  once the front of the card is done this is what you see from the back of the card – not particularly attractive…SO the answer is in the sandwiching your layers & acetate.  so here is how:

the first step is to hide the back of that front piece with the foam tape showing.  to do this i cut another light blue nestie shape the SAME SIZE as the piece used on the front.  i put adhesive on the bck and laid it adhesiv eside up on my table.then WITH THE CARD OPEN i laid the card on top of the nestie piece so i could be sur eto line it up exatly with the front piece.  this way it cnnot be seen from the front of the card but when you ope the card you can no longer see the foam tape.

NEXT we want to put something on the inside of the card so you can write inside, put a sentiment, etc.  HOWEVER you need to be aware of how this will look from the FRONT of the card.  i decided i did not want any part of the inside visible from the front of the card.  so i cut nother nestie piece ONE SIZE SMALLER than the piece on the front.  in the 1st pic i have put adhesive on the back of the piece and LAID IT ON THE INSIDE of the card so i can position it correctly in reference to the front piece.  this way it is centered perfectly.  in the 2nd pic i just closed the back page of the card over the piece so it sticks right where i want it on the inside page of the card.  you can also see how the dhesive now shows on the bck of the card.  we want to cover that up. so the 3rd pic show WITH THE CARD CLOSED i put my adhesive on the back page making sure it will be hidden by that inside piece we just placed.  my back piece will be a mat for that inside piece so i cut it from yellow and it is the SAME SIZE as the front piece of the card.  now in order to make sur eit is placed perfectly i lay the mat piece face up on my table, pick up the whole card and plce it on top of the mat.  this way i can make sure i line it up perfectly so it CANNOT be seen from the front of the card.


pic 1 shows the front of the card.  pic 2 shows the inside with the yellow mat showing around the smaller inner piece.

what do you think??!!

now have y’all dug out those microbeads??  i have a whole SET of ideas for you coming soon plus more ideas – they will NOT be sitting unused anymore!  if you can’t get them near you i am holding a special order for some MS sets – you have until MONDAY the 11th to order – there is a luster set of 12, a metallic set of 12, a valentine iridescent set of 3 and packs of mini spoons.  all at a 25% discount to boot!!  >>CLICK HERE<<

we will be out in the snow today! i hope you have fun with your day too!!
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2 Responses

  1. Hi Marti,

    Thanks so much for the tutorial on acetate cards, I am going to have to try this!
    Hugs, Christine 🙂

  2. Great tips, Marti! I must be brave (lol) and try it! Blessings to you!

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