the box is always funner than the gift…


no fun digi for ya as i decided to reorganize my paper and did that all day instead!  pics to follow but first – some adventures in Pez-ness for ya.

you know how the box is lways funner thna the gift?  well this is similar.  have you ever ordered a gift for someone from mazon and just had them send it directly to the recipient?  ever chose the gift wrap option? weeeellllllll my brother did – gift BAG option i believe it was actually:

yes the bottom of the bag is ON THE FLOOR.  so the bag was just bout as tall as me.

and no my child WILL NOT keep her clothes on – dead of winter & she STILL won’t stay dressed.

SO i turn around for  minute and next thing i know trev & i see THIS!

yes my child is DISAPPEARING into my gift.

AND there she goes – the bag is large enough to hold  small child.

AND then i see this and she says hey i found something in here AND out flies my gift!  which was a tabletop ott light HOORAY but hardly big enough to neccesitate this bag.

but wait there’s more


it is apparently roomy enough to hold a medium sized adult male!!

isn’t daddy a good sport!

the bag now contains an adult male, a small child, a blnket, a pillow, a dump truck, a fake cat and……

her toy camera!  at this point we were laughing hysterically at all the stuff she kept pulling out i could barely take the picture!

i also wanted to post my FABULOUS INGENIOUS new storage method for 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  it is NOT my idea – i got it from the cricut board but forgot who, and it is SO basic i can’t believe it never occurred to me!  i used to store my paper by SU color family.  well i knew i wanted to change it to be all reds, all blues, etc.  but then i saw a post with each color in  hanging file (instead of just a tabbed file with the color name written on the tab) and that tab with the color name WAS THE PAPER.  you can see at a glance!  and match up or re-file scraps much easier:

all the SU & PTI colors except green and neutrals:

next my other bin has greens, neutrals plus *other* like trnsparencies, watercolor paper, etc.

and the rest of the room:

yes that is drake’s cat fluffy in the middle of the disaster – she is so distraught since he moved so now she follows me around. i did manage to clear most of the floor before pez got up.  i cleared out one of the three scrap piles i have & still haven’t come up with a good 12 x 12 storge system but i did divide it into groups so that helps.  next up – embellies which will go into those small stacking containers by color and then all of my baking & decorating supplies which are spilling off their shelf onto the floor.

ok enough pics for today huh!

i wish you all a fabulous new year and i will have  new game plan up tomorrow for Pezadoodle Designs so be sure to tune in!  i will need YOU!

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8 Responses

  1. That is hilarious Marti. My husband and daughter would have done the same. My art room looked like yours last week but my resolution is to keep it clean and so far so good:) Hugs to ya and Happy New Year:)

  2. How funny! I have memories of my kids playing with the box more than the actual item. TFS!

  3. I am so relieved to see someone’s craft room is as messy as mine (well, almost as messy as mine) and I have no desire to clean it 😉

  4. OMGoodness, Marti! I’m laughing just looking at the pictures!! What a hoot! And I love your paper system! Have a question for you…what do you do with the paper after you cut from it? Do you file the large scraps, too? Happy New Year and blessings to you and the family!

  5. Well, I’m glad MY room isn’t the only one that looks like that! 😉

    Great pics- thanks for sharing!

  6. Bring back lots of fun memories of escapades like this! And, I am moving my room- so I have to say- glad we all have doors on our craft rooms!!!

  7. What a funny story! Loved the pics!! I keep my cardstock in hanging folders just like your. My 12×12 are in a bin also, but not in hanging folders. I just have a bunch of dividers.

  8. Yeah!! Someone has a room just like mine.
    I’m so glad you posted your pictures of your filing system.
    Read your post on SCS and couldn’t get the picture in my head.

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