swaps OH MY!


i am a little late posting today – fun times at costco & the library today!

SOOOOOOOOO i somehow LOST MY MIND and signed up for several swaps for the first time ever!!!!!!  EEK!! 5 actually….all at once…..i have NEVER had ANY desire to do swaps UNTIL i saw one for card candy….now i ADORE making card candy but then what do you do with it…???  you kind of need some recipients….so i am in the valentine’s group and i finished mine today but it is for my next just buggin challenge post so it is under wraps til monday!

then while i was in the forum i noticed something else that looked fun…cup of swaps….you make goodie filled baggies that would fit in a coffee mugs.  FUN!!!! i signed up for four spots – valentine, easter, bday & get well.  then i browsed some more……and saw the equivalent of LO candy!  OH SIGN ME UP!!!!  SHEESH!

the scariest thing for me for swaps has always been the deadline.  but i just could not help myself!  now to come up with treat ideas…..i am thinking of making extras while i am at it & putting them in my etsy shop….i wonder if they would sell?

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i have no project from me today but i DO have something stinkin adorble to share.  my fave card this year came from one of my most faithful readers AND commenters.  AnnS hs been leaving me comments consistently for  LONG time and i just love her to pieces for it – totally makes my day to get comments!  so here is her cuteness:

i LOVE it!!

now i am off to figure to what i am going to stuff my treat bags with!!

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3 Responses

  1. Hiya Marti! I saw a card made by you in a mag at Michaels recently…it was soo cool to see the name of someone I “know” in a magazine! 🙂

  2. Thanks for featuring my card Marti, but unfortunately I can’t take credit for the design. I made that in one of my SU card groups, so don’t think I’m that original.

    I’m really glad your mail person knew who Marti “Pezadoodle” is (and yes, I have since remembered your last name – lol) & glad you liked the card.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Hi fellow JBDT member! Love your blog!! Can’t wait to see what you put in your mugs-I need to start joining in some swaps too….I have done a few card swaps(been years ago) but would love to maybe join some
    3-d swaps.

    Happy New Year!

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