ok for any of you who have a cricut listen up!  you have probably seen the new carts already.  and if you are like me you probably wish you could get them all!  however we all have to choose but i DO have something that might help you get to choose MORE!  i saw >>THIS<< blog post over on my friend Terri’s blog – new carts at $38 EACH BUT HURRY.  i think this is a one-time order and she is only taking emails for today i think!!!!!!

i will be back later with an actual picture post of stuff but first i have shipping to do!!!  and then errands to run YUCK!



2 Responses

  1. Thanks- I want them all…..but I do not use my Cricut too much- I hope to change that!

  2. i have been getting mine from 31 to 35 on e bay your dad gets them for me there,i just got another one call wild card,i can wait for it to gey here. love P

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