anyone care for a massive sale???

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YEP the end of the year is nearly here & i don’t want to count it!  so i got to sell it!  right now EVERYTHING IN STOCK (sale does not include pre-orders) is 40% off!!!!

tim holtz goodies
loads of dew drop ink pads
tons of stickles – in all types & colors
pezabling acrylic squares
and a fun collection of goodies for valentine crafting called Pezzy’s Picks which includes basic grey’s bittersweet collection of yummy things

so run over to the store and check it out by clicking >>HERE<<

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i wanted to show you one of my finished projects with the little treat bags i posted earlier:

Winter Survival Kit:

 Anyone else have horribly dry itchy skin like me in the winter??  well Saturday while the snow was coming down Pezzy and i spent some time in the kitchen making some luscious bath goodies!  we made a super rich body butter, some oatmeal milk bath and some body & bath oil.  i divided each into small portions we made several scented sets – Grapefruit, coconut lime, cranberry compote and bubblegum (for some of the kiddos.)  the body butter is also super shimmery (of couse!)

i gave each set some labels and then put them into one of the treat bags i made.  i used Scor-tape to secure each piece to the inside of the bags – that stuff STICKS let me tell ya!!!  the bottom of each has a label with the name of the scent so the recipient knows what they have!   i like making it myself – this way i KNOW what is in it and KNOW it is quality ingredients.

i was thinking about selling the sets plain in my etsy shop for others to decorate…what do y’all think??

have a great evening!

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  1. What a great sale. Gave me a chance to stock up on some goodies I’ve been wanting to get. :o)


  2. Hi Marty: What a great sale! I just sent in an order.

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