mini treats

well i am pleased to say the baking marathon has begun!  Pezzy & i baked 186 sugar cookie cut outs to ice.  just 4 other kinds to go!

now let me tell ya about my morning yesterday.  here is the schedule i was SUPPOSED to be on:

7am eat breakfast

7:15 head to the shower for me & bath for pez

8:00 take down & put away ALL glass balls from the tree before she breaks them all and hurts herself

9:00 take her to school for her class party

here is how my schedule went instead:

7am eat breakfast

7:05 tell pez repeatedly between bites to get out of the christmas tree & leave the ornaments alone

7:10 pull the chair out of the tree she just knocked into it

7:15 hear the crunch & sprinkle of glass & pez scream & start crying

7:20 assess the damage to the bottom of her foot because she was messing around & stepped in a pile of glass ornaments she had put on the floor.

yep.  she was hysterical.  i got the blood to stop and checked out the cuts & sure enough it looked like one could possibly still have glass in it.  so i calmed her down, figured out when urgent care opens then threw on some clothes and off we went to sit in urgent care.  luckily she had NO GLASS stuck in her foot and it turned out her party did not start until 10:45.  we got to school at 10:00 so not to bad.  i left for a bit & then came back in time to hear her throwing a fit & she misbehaved through the whole little parent thing they did UGH!!!  kids! hee heee!  she is fine now.

i thought i would show you the super quick n easy little treats we did for her class: 

blog tag

i used the basic template from an SCS challenge but changed the dimensions slightly and did not use tags.  not alot of decorating but still cute for the kids in Pezzy’s class!  instead of filling them with cookies or candies she decided she wanted bubble gun oatmeal milk bath in them.  i put an ingredient lable on the side just in case 🙂

and now i am about to fall over i am so tired.  i am off to bed and expecting to wake up to a winter wonderland of gorgeous fluffy white snow – they are saying 12+ inches possible befoer it’s over sunday!!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Wow! Your day was full. Glad to hear that Pezzy was hurt bad. I remember those days and wonder how I survived them. LOL!

  2. There are so cute!!!! I’ll have to keep this in mind for future reference!

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