3 year olds & hubbies – sheesh!

hi all!

i have to say i have hit a crafters block ACK!  just feelin a little burnt out i think.  luckily my christmas stuff is pretty much done!  it probably doesn’t help that i have been single parenting it for 2 weeks now.  poor hubby is working hellacious hours since he got back from his trip so we barely see him.  and darling pezzy is really a 2 person job,  a village really but since we don’t have that …….hee heee!

since i have no project pics to show at the moment i thought i would show y’all a couple funny pics i have snapped recently.  the first is my darling hubby.  he lives in a house with a woman whose SPECIALTY is all things gifty mind you.  so he says to me as he is walking OUT THE DOOR to go to his parents – hey do you have anything i can put this present for my brother in?  well not specifically made for him since there was no fore warning but i said i was sure i could dig up something.  then hubby says oh wait never mind i got it……i turn around and this is what i see:

that my friends is the BAG OFF OUR SUNDAY NEWSPAPER!!!  and that is how he wrapped it!  SHEESH!  BUT isn’t he a cutie hee heeee!

next up – a few pics of our christmas tree this year.  the title of this set – When 3 Year Olds Have Christmas:

it started out decorated normally…and this is where we are now……she is constantly pushing chairs up to it so no part of the tree is off limits.  now instead of ornaments all over the tree we have these bizarre little *grape clusters* of ornaments in various spots…

she says she is arranging them into their families and they are lonely when they hang by themselves.  cute i know i know but after numerous broken ornaments and knocking the chair over into the tree twice now i have decided the ornaments will have to go back in their boxes for another year.  she had her own tree & ornaments but that just wasn’t cutting it for her….maybe nextt year…..

we have pezzy’s class party today so that should be cute!  it is a class full of girls with 1 boy and for a class treat she decided she wanted to put bubble gum oatmeal bath in the little boxes instead of the usual candy or cookies.  which i thought was a great idea since i am already bringing cookies to the party and i am sure everyone will have enough junk to eat 🙂  plus it is SO good for winter skin!  i will have pics and a recipe for you tomorrow – still need to put them together!  which i am off to do right now!

anyone else feeling burnt out on christmas crafting???


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3 Responses

  1. I understand the hubby asking at the last minute for something crafty. I am starting to feel Christmas burnout. I hope to finish Christmas projects soon.

  2. Love it! Your hubby is both adorable and totally into repurposing items!! LOL And the tree is gor-juss dahlink!

  3. What a cute gift packaging story! And…..yikes- I am going to have company this weekend- my brother and his 3 year old son. This will be so much fun, but we are really not childproof- and your tree story is just too precious! Ornament families- that is so sweet! TFS

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