Just Buggin challenge: Happy Holidays!

WOW is this post late today!!  but boy have i gotten alot done that really needed my attention – dug through & sorted the massive piles of paperwork on my desk, cleared everything else off my desk, cleared the piles of stuff from the dining room table and shelves, took out all recycling (used to be drake’s job), FINALLY got the remaining halloween lights off the front bushes,  went to MOMS club coffee so Pez could play, washed (AND FOLDED) 7 loads of laundry including the pile off towels that have been sitting on the back deck for AWHILE, made 10 treat bags for pez’z class, made 1 batch of eucalypus menthol bath salts, 2 batches of oatmeal milk bath and one large batch of body butter scented with 6 different scents so i don’t get bored (hee heee)…..i gotta tell ya i am exhausted!!  i didn’t want to stop my momentum and get on the computer but i DO have my Just Buggin DT post for this weeks challenge!

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Challenge #15: Happy Holidays -make a Christmas or Winter holiday themed project. Use at least one Cricut die cut on your project.

i need lots of treat bags so i made some of them using my cricut for this challenge:

the cricut made these SO easy & fast to put together – adding a few accents to the die cuts really gives them a little more oomph – some have stickles, the wreath has little ruby red liquid pearl berries and the stocking has this SUPERB stuff called sparkly fluff in red along the cuff – you can get that at my friend Susana’s store SCACD.  All stikles & liquid pearls are in stock on my site  >>CLICK HERE<<  i hope you all get a chance to play along if you have a cricut since i know we are ALL in the midst of christmas crafting!!

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3 Responses

  1. Wow! I am exhausted just reading your day. Cute cards!

  2. You exhaust me! Glad you got do much done though. I didn’t get anything done yet because I’m sitting here reading what you did – lol!

  3. Marti- what a great collection of cards!!!! I love the layout!

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