ornament parade

hi all!

whew i stayed up way too late with my brother last night but thoroughly enjoyed it!  as y’all know he recently allowed me to create some stamps from a few of his incredible drawings.  so i got to show him all of the wonderful things i have been creating with them.  i am so glad to say he was very impressed with the way the stamps turned out & all of the projects!  we discussed some future ideas and then just talked art and creative expression all night which of course i love!  he is so incredibly talented and had gotten away from his art while building his career so i am thrilled to see him getting back into it!  however i am way behind on my work so i am going to cut the chat and just show y’all some of the ornaments i have done along with silly pics of Pez & her poses during the “photoshoot”

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5 Responses

  1. Very pretty! I especially like the crackly snowman one. It looks so vintage & I just love gingerbread people. Where are the stamps from?

  2. Beautiful ornaments and cute pictures of Pezzy.

  3. Great job:) What kind of ornaments are these that you decorated?

  4. I love the crackle look! Super cute (and so is your daughter, beautiful).

  5. Those ornaments are super cute. I love the gingerbread man one. So cute.

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