the new colors of christmas part 2!

hi everyone!

anyone done with christmas preparations yet??  i am getting close!  my brother will be stopping in for a visit this weekend so i will probably not be getting too much done….

i have a non-paper related craft project to share today!

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My first ever wreath!

YEP it’s purple & Silver with a bit of green!  Michaels had all of their wreaths and wreath making goodies on sale 50% off – gotta love a bargain like that!  I was getting christmas picks for a few more glass blocks i have in mind.

and then Pezzy fell in love with this VERY glittery silver bird & i have to admit in didn’t take much for her to convince me he needed to come home with us!  i fell in love with the wonderful ribbone on the same display & so i decided to try my hand at making a wreath – i have always wanted one and tried making one once a hundred years ago and it looked awful!  but i thought maybe i had learned a few things since then 🙂

i LOVE all the fantatstically gawdy Christmas picks – i mean seriously WHEN ELSE can you get away with apples covered in silver glitter and pears covered in crystal beads????????  i mean i go for that kind of thing all year long but christmas makes it completely acceptable!  i even have purple, beaded acorns in here!!  this was so much fun to make i want to make more!

perhaps i will make a wreath for every holiday………do they have easter picks?  i have never looked……maybe i can even get my cricut involved in it next time!

Tomorrow i will be showcasing a bunch of the ornaments i have made so i sure hope you have time to come take a peek!  have a great weekend!!

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4 Responses

  1. That’s beautiful…great job and love the bird too:)

  2. This is beautiful!

  3. I’m already an avid reader of your blog. Do I still qualify for the FREE gift of Flower Soft?

  4. Looks Lovely – I’m rather liking the purples and blues etc we are seeing lately for Christmas decorations. Still love the traditional red and green too though

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