Light Block #1 plus another giveaway for you!

soooooo i have decided on day 3 of pezzy on my own that i will NOT be feelin’ bad for her & kev when it’s his turn while i am away at CHA! hee heee – oh good thing she’s so stinkin cute!!!


so what do i have for you?  well remember i posted a few days ago that i could no longer sell the flower soft sampler packs?  unfortunately i have quite a few all divided up and ready to go so i am GIVING THEM AWAY.   yep! on saturday i will pick TEN faithful email subscribers to receive 3 sample packs of flower soft.  if you are NOT an email subscriber then sign up so you can be included!  i will also include some image samplers from flower soft to go with the samplers!  how’s that for a deal??

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i am REALLY excited about today’s project – i made a LIGHT BLOCK!  i have been seeing these around the inter-web & i immediately fell in love with them!  this first one is for my brother:

i had quite a time with this first one and at one point thought i would have to toss it and start over but then i managed to pull it together.  initially i caut a piece of vinyl with a neste, placed it in the center of the front and then used etching cream around it to *frost* the edges.  once that was done i used bronze rub n buff over the etching – well it was messy and did not come out terribly great because my etching was not terribly great.  some spots did not etch so well so the rub n buff didn’t stick so well.  but it was still not bad.  next i stamped the center with one of my brother’s incredible stamps using timber brown staz on ink.  i LOVED the look BUT the light string was SO obvious and i did not like that.  SO next i decided to spray the WHOLE thing with frost spray i remembered was hiding around here somewhere.  i like it WAY better than the etching cream!  unfortunately now the rub n buff is not as effective but i still like the way it sort of frames the main image.  i outlined the inner and outer edges with peeled paint distress stickles and then added some grungeboard ornaments i covered in crackle paint and distress stickles.  i also added a bit of grungeboard stamped with one of my mom’s stamps up in the corner.  i topped the whole thing off with some GORGEOUS wide wired ribbon and christmas picks from Ms.  my brother will be here for a VERY quick visit after his meetings in DC are done this weekend so i will give it to him then so i don’t have to ship it.

so what do you think of my first attempt???

i hope y’all have a wonderful day!  and be careful all of you in the massive winter storm stretched across the US this week!


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5 Responses

  1. Your kidding- you cannot sell it anymore??? i would love to win- please enter me to win a packet of FS! I love your light block- very very pretty!

  2. Thanks for the chance to win some Flower Soft – I need the Polar White for some Christmas projects! And, I LOVE your block – I found one at Lowe’s but I haven’t done anything with it yet! I was going to put lights and pot pourri in one, but now I haven’t seen any pot pourri (last year it was EVERYWHERE!!) Anyway, your brother will be very pleased!

  3. I keep seeing the light block at hobby lobby I was going to make for my daughter and haven’t yet yours is so cute I think i’ll try. hope for change to win some flower soft. Sharon

  4. I love it , it is so unique.
    I love folower soft hope to win some.

  5. What a great present for your brother, using his own design! I was sorry to see that you can’t sell the samplers anymore because I liked that I could get a lot of colors without having to buy full post of each. Glad I ordered when I did.

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