Just Buggin Challenge time!

well hubby is off today to CA for training so i am on my own this week with the little munchkin EEK!  she really is a 2 person project hahahha!

we got to play in the snow with Pezzy for awhile, even built a little snowman for her and she sledded down the hill on the side of our house with daddy.  she liked the snow but poor thing is like the stay puffed marshmellow man in all her little snow gear.  i FROZE all weekend – i looked EVERYWHERE for my coat when i was leaving for Suzanne’s, then on the way to her house i remembered….i forgot it in the airport last year when i was at CHA!  so now i need to get another one.  i HATE coats and NEVER find one i like. so we’ll see…..


be sure and check out the specials over at SCACD (Susana’s Custom Art & Cards) – it even includes some selected spellbinders dies!


now my project…

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The current challenge over on Just Buggin’ is to layer some die cuts – FUN FUN!  i took a break from christmas-ing to make another recipe card for the boys’ albums:

These cuts are all done with the From My Kitchen cartridge – the file folder, side dish title and stove top with a pot layered on top.

drake decided to move out this weekend (sigh) – he basically went to s. carolina to visit and decided to stay there.  so he says – better hurry up with those recipes cuz i’ll need them….uhhhhh i have 6 done……..but maybe when the christmas shenanigans have calmed down i will concentrate on getting these done.  as much as i miss him around the house is it bad that i am ready to put pez in his room so she is no longer in the room attached to mine???

here is a close up of the stove/oven with the pot *simmering* on top – cute huh??  one of the cool things about the expression being so much bigger – i always use scraps for my little cuts like these so i can put all my colors on at once and cut everything!

i hope y’all join in the challenge with us over at Just Buggin!

Now off to take my shower so we can head to the airport!

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