a little quiz & giveaway for ya!

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ok bizness first:


as alot of you know i have been selling little flower soft sampler packs – i decided to do this after loads of requests for trial sizes to experiment with before taking the plunge.  WELL apparently someone has complained to flower soft about it and i was asked to stop selling them immediately SO they have been taken down.  so sorry to anyone who was looking to buy them in the future.  IN ADDITION – some of the orders that came in for them during my sale have a slight delay as i needed to order a few more items and had that delayed a bit with all the commotion over the whole thing. 


next up – Tim Holtz and Ranger.  Many of you may be playing along with Tim’s 12 tags of christmas on his blog right now – truly inspiring amazing creations i MUST SAY.  i have not had time to start on mine but hope to this weekend.  YESTERDAY i found out i will be in Tim’s class again at CHA next month AND i know what Ranger will be releasing at CHA BUT I CAN’T SPILL THE BEANS JUST YET!!  i just want to assure you we will have the goodies here for those of you used to getting all of your fun tim goods here at Pezadoodle.  i will tell ya what it is as soon as i get the ok from Ranger.  trust me it is VERY exciting – i am GIDDY with anticipation.


Studio G – i hope to start putting the next wave of studio G goodies up for ordering VERY soon – i am waiting for definite ship dates from Hampton Arts so watch for those!


i don’t have a project for ya today but i DO have some extra buttons i don’t need so i thought maybe i should do a little giveaway!  i also have some silly pics of Pezzy so I have a little QUIZ for ya in order to get the buttons!

first the prizes (yep thats plural):

seriously HOW COOL are these buttons?  these are the metallic colors but my buddy Susana has them in lots of other glittered colors on her website – so you can head over there and check them out.  i am pretty sure all the colors will eventually need to make their way to my house!


i will pick TWO winners – each one will receive BOTH packs of buttons pictured above.  HOW do you enter – LEAVE A COMMENT WITH THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION:


scroll down to see your clues and then leave me a comment and tell me your answer. 

and NO my child NEVER has clothes on – i don’t even try anymore cuz they come right back off.  SHE DOES stay dressed out of the house tho which is a big plus……

 i will draw a winner on Sunday morning!  be sure to check back here sunday and see who won!  i will also have a new studio G challenge for you on monday and announce the winner of the current challenge.  have you entered yet?  if not see the deets for that HERE!

i will also have a fun prize giveaway with LOTS of winners on Monday so watch for that too!  tomorrow…..CUPCAKES!

and now i MUST clean my house or the health dept. will surely shut me down!

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  1. Alyssa was thrilled to get these scented blueberry stamp sets from McDonalds. I liked them also.

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