tales of turkey day…


hoping y’all had a wonderful turkey day yesterday!  i was sick wednesday so i got nothing cooked which meant ALL my cooking had to happen thursday morning.  luckily it was just us and i have been doing it for years so not too difficult:


We had SUPER juicy turket, paula dean’s southern style giblet gravy (eewwww but hubby begs for it every year & this year thanks to Paula Dean i finally succeeded!), cornbread stuffing, beets, apple cranberry relish, candied sweet potatoes and crescent rolls


of COURSE there was pumkin pie for dessert

at this point hubby says did you SERIOUSLY just take a picture of your PIE?????  ROTFLMAO!

Drake wasn’t here so it was just 4 of us 😦  now i have lots of left overs SUH-WEET!!

after dinner and some coffee i went through the black friday ads and then headed over to Michaels.  i scored three brand new cartridges for my cricut that i have been REALLY wanting!  after a short night’s sleep i was back up and out at walmart to score a BRIGHT BLUE cricut expression!  i have been wanting the bigger cricut for some time but just couldn’t justify the expense since i already have the baby bug but for $188 – seriously good deal!!!!  unfortunately i am feeling sick again today and just couldn’t get down to the scraproom and play.  but tomorrow morning i hope to be back up to speed and doing loads of fun things to share!

for now i am off to play with pez and take it easy.

big hugs to all!



2 Responses

  1. Enjoy your weekend, looks like a great day yesterday!

  2. Congrats on the blue expression! I’d love to have one too, but sure can’t justify it since I already have the plain old E.

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