more ornaments – quickies!!


i just caught the new Snuggie commercial…..i thought those things couldn’t get any more riduculous….apparently i was wrong……..Y’ALL!!!   …IT’S A BACKWARDS ROBE!!!!!   …..not rocket surgery here…..  i have been threatening everyone in my house with a snuggie and that hands free toothpaste dispenser as christmas gifts for months…….hee heeeee!!  just a quick post for ya today:

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last year after christmas i got 2 boxes of the clear hollow ornaments at M’s.  my first few ideas did not work but then one night it came to me.  remember Roni’s idea for the baby food jar jack o lantern with alcohol inks i showed you????

snowman ornament

a snowman!!!  i just dripped some pearl mixative and blending solution into the ball, rolled it around until the inside was coated, dripped out the extra and then painted on a face with stickles.  seriously doesn’t get easier than that!

so then i had another idea simialr to something i saw in Currents recently:

santa ornament

kev and the boys don’t like it but it makes me giggle!  this one has red pepper alcohol ink coating the inside.

red bird ornament

next i tried a couple things different – i used cranberry AND pearl mixative to coat the inside of this one.  it is less transparent and has a bit of shimmer to it.  then i simply added a few silver rubons and some self adhesive silver studs.

so there ya have it – SO quick and easy!!

i got alot done today thanks to hubby doing baby duty but i can’t show some of it because my step mom reads my blog hee heeee!

ahhhhhh the touch n brush hands free toothpaste dispenser commercial now.  cracks me up….has ANYBODY ever had that much trouble with toothpaste past the age of like 3?????

i hope you are all having a great weekend so far!  yard clean up for us tomorrow – oh can’t wait…….:P


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Clear Ornaments, Alchol inks/mixatives – red pepper, cranberry, pearl; Stickles – orange, black; liquid pearls – gold; ribbon, SU rub ons – silver, self adhesive silver half beads.


10 Responses

  1. Fantastic collection of ornaments!

  2. Those are fabulous ornaments!!
    Love the Santa Pants one!
    My 4 yo GrandSon Hunter wants one of those Toothbrush dispensers for Christmas!! lol

  3. Great projects! I just LOVE the one with the bird!

  4. Beautiful ornaments!

  5. great ornaments

  6. Marti, love your ornaments! I have always been afraid of the alcohol inks but now I am inspired! Blessings to you!

  7. OMGosh, you are too funny girl! I bought my boys NFL Snuggies (with their favorite teams) and they liked them a lot. They bought me the cheetah snuggly! Couldn’t they wait for a Hello Kitty version to come out??? Well, I saw these ornaments on CWTC, but yours are so way cuter! TFS 🙂

  8. Very pretty!

  9. I love the ornaments- especially the red one with Santa’s belt! Oh- we went to a Halloween party where there was a Mr and Mrs Snuggie…….

  10. My friend has been telling her mom for months that a snuggie is just a robe. Duh! Why do people get sucked in by those seen on tv gimmicks?! Although after seeing a comment above, a great idea for a Hello Kitty one – lol!

    The ornaments are great. Don’t listen to the family, the Santa one is terrific!

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