Just blingin part 2


hi everyone! i hope your week has gotten off to good start!  before i get to the results of my further UTEE glitter experimentation i have been meaning to show y’all a copic storage solution i discovered.  i used to keep them in silver ware organizer trays but it was too hard to alwyas dig in and find the colors.  then i came across a storage rack for retailers to hold marker displays and a lightbulb went on:

copic storage

this is actually several racks stacked on top of each other.  they tilt slightly back so the pens don’t fall out and each row is divided into 3 compartments.  this way i can not only separate by color families but also by color groupings – so R08, R05, R02 & R00 are all together in a  compartment.  this is SO convenient.  and the best part is that it makes it easier to find the Ciaos since they don’t have the number on the lid. 

i ALWAYS buy ciao when i have the option because it saves money.  in each color grouping there is at least one sketch so i can tell by just that one marker what other colors are there – make sense?  you can see what i mean here.  AND the rack is super sturdy with a fairly small footprint – both equally important.

the racks run $20 and though i don’t carry them i could certainly get some in if anyone is interested – just let me know.













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Don’t forget to post a comment on yesterday’s post telling me your favorite snowflake to be entered to win some fun products to make your own!


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ok here are page 2 & 3 of the LO from yesterday:

snowflake LO 1

snowflake LO 2

fairly simple LOs but i spent alot of time doing some experimenting with the snowflakes i added as embellishments.

i decided to start out by cutting all my snowflakes from white cardstock with my cricut.  then i sprayed them with a few different pearl mists 1. red dye with gold perfect pearls, 2. pink dye with pewter perfect pearls, 3.  juniper reinker with green patina perfect pearls.

snowflake CU PPmistonce they were completely dry i covered one with clear UTEE.  i had covered this one with the pearl mist i made with red dye reinker (not sure which red as i have had it awhile) perfect gold perfect pearls, and water.  the shimmer was just so gorgeous i had to leave it!!  i simply covered it with a layer of UTEE which has a gorgeous effect!

snowflake CU PP

next up i have two more i did by sandwiching perfect pearls between 2 layers of UTEE.  this first one was misted with a pearl mist of juniper dye reinker, green patina perfec pearls and water.  then a layer of UTEE, apply versamark again and brush on some perfect pearls (or any nmica powder – i used a pink from luminarte in addition to green patina and gold perfect pearls.)  follow it with another layer of clear UTEE.

snowflake CU PP2

here is the second PP/UTEE sandwich one.  This one has the pink pearl mist underneath…

snowflake CU glttr 2

and now the glitter & UTEE combination – again with the pink pearl mist underneath.  i have 2 tips for you that i noticed:

1. the effect is better if your pearl mist matches your glitter color.

2. use ALOT of glitter.  i think at first i had alot more UTEE than glitter in my mix.  it needs to be the other way around.

snowflake CU glttr

i could not get a pic of this one that shows it but this is actually my fave of this batch.  the glitter is amazing AND the gold pearl in the red mist matches the gold glitter – really makes a difference!

are y’all tired of my glittered snowflakes yet?????  i try to experiment for you so you can get right to the fun stuff!  PLEASE remember you can email me any time if you have any questions!

now off to dig something up for dinner – hubby won’t be home til who knows when so i am boycotting cooking!


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3 Responses

  1. I bought some of the 72 marker cases and they work well for me- looks like you are very organized. I love the snowflake tutorials. TFS

  2. I love your snowflakes. Beautiful pages!

  3. Hello there, just popped by to say hello. I have been chosen for the design team at Just Buggin and you have too. I look forward to working with you.

    K x

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