i lied about halloween…

well my mom is back at home and we are own our own again over here.  pezzy was very sad her mimi left but luckily she had school this morning to distract her.  potty training has been less than steller but not a complete failtacular…just mostly…..you see pezzy is a little on the strong willed side (insert dripping sarcasm here) and we are not battling *TEACHING* her how to do it or *TEACHING* her how to recognize the signs, we are battling her need to just NOT do whatever it is i want her to do at the moment.  i CAN say my anti pull-ups stance works just as well with her as we always theorized back when the boys were little.  pull ups were the new big thing back then and their daycare provider said don’t use them.  it is the same as a diaper and provides NO incentive.  well pezzy is sure proving that.  when i have her in training pants she does NOT want the uncomfortableness of wetting in them.  so she says things like hey i know let’s just put a pull up on.  or she feels she needs to go and she will actually ASK ME mom do i have on a pull up or undies so she can decide what she is going to do.  it is actually pretty funny….even funnier if she weren’t mine but ah well……hee heeee!

ok on to the crafting – what did i lie about you ask????  i said i was done with the halloween projects…but……

blog tag

i am NOT!

just buggin halloween sign

hahahhaha!  i actually had this done awhile ago BUT had to wait for hubby to get a chance to drill the holes for the hooks to hang the letters with – i don’t DO power tools.  NOPE.

i did this for Samantha’s previous Just Buggin challenge and i told her i was going to post it and link it up even tho it’s way late!  all cuts are done with Cricut Paperdolls – one of THE BEST carts ever!

JB sign graveyard

this side is the gravyard outside.

JB sign witch

this is the witch’s lair inside

JB sign letters

the images on the letters are all from the greeting farm, colored in copics and cut out with nesties.  i did the beading on the hangers myself from my stash.  overall a fairly cheap project!

and now i am off – way too much work today as always!

thanks so much for stopping by!

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6 Responses

  1. I so don’t envy you the whole potty training thing! My son thought it was fun to pee on the floor and then my daughter was fully trained at her daycare but at home I was told- Mom, that’s only for school!
    Good luck!
    Great project!

  2. All I can say about your project is WOW!

  3. WOW this is just the coolest thing!!!
    Just Buggin’

  4. Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. good luck with the potty thing.

    the project is FAB! love all the details you added to it.

  6. awesome job! I have this cart & I soooo need to play more with it!

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