halloween & bday fun!

not much to post today but i did want to share a few quick pics.

first up is my little tinker fairy:

2009 11 01_1000 small

pezzy wanted to be a green fairy like tinker bell.  i got the cute little wings on etsy and then made the tutu and hairbow.  she just wore regular clothes under the skirt so she was comfy!  she was so cute and had so much fun with our neighbor carys.  we thought it was going to get rained out but we got lucky!

next up is the bday we had today – pez wanted an alien bday – well i couldn’t find anything alien related so i made some stuff myself.  pez said the colors of aliens are green and blue so that is what we went with:

2009 11 01_0974 small

the little sign will become the title piece for her scrapbook page.  the two alien stamps are SU and the die cut saucer and alien are cricut – everyday paper dolls.  i don’t have a close up….the aliens have glossy accents on their eyes and the one with the helmet has glossy accents on her whole helmut.  happy bday is also cut with cricut.  for the cupcakes i piped the icing on mini cupcakes in big swirls.  then i took some melted chocolate in green and made the alien faces on wax paper.  added eyes and smiles and then when they were hardened i popped them on the cupcakes.  of course we added sprinkles too!

we only invited a few people and several couldn’t make it so it was my neighbor and her daughter carys and my buddy amy and 2 of her kids:

2009 11 01_0984 small

carys and adrienne are the same age and then pezzy and gabrielle are also the same age so it worked out well.

how CUTE is gabrielle seriously!!!!!

2009 11 01_0985 small

all in all a fun weekend but MAN am i exhausted!!!

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3 Responses

  1. gorgeous pics! such happy faces! love the cupcakes!

    hope you are keeping well hun!

    hugs mandyxx

  2. That picture of Gabe is too funny! Your decorations were amazing, and the cupcakes delicious! Thanks for the good time!!

  3. I LOVE IT Marti! I’m a huge fan of decorated cupcakes. The aliens are phenom. Your card is super, too.

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