holy cow i nearly forgot to mention it!!!  NOT because i haven’t been excited mind you!  i was published in TWO spots this month!!!  The first one is a biggie for me – if you read my blog regularly you know how much i adore Crafts N Things magazine!!  i LOVE that it incorporates so many different crafts because i have a lot of different crafting interests myself and often they overlap.  well i have a project in the current issue!!!!!!  how sweet is that??????  when abby (the editor) contacted me for the project i was beyond excited (dancing around the room excited!!)  and i officially appear on page 80 of the December issue which is available now.  i believe it is in most craft stores.  i have been a subscriber since getting a free copy at CHA in January.  i look forward to the possibility of having more projects appear in the mag in the future!

my project was a christmas gift idea and involved a card, gift bag and layered soup in a jar.  it features papers from SEI and stamps from Pink Cat Studios but if you want get a look at it you will have to go get the magazine!!  if you don’t see it in your stores just head over to the website and get it there – the website is chock full of great ideas, tips and tricks!

the second publication was the Cricut Chirp Newsletter!  i submitted my cake in a box project and they featured it in that week’s newsletter!  in return i got a free cartridge – HOLY SMOKES!  after more dancing i decided on hello kitty greetings and just played with it a bit for the first time today.

ok enough from me for today!!


7 Responses

  1. congrats! your work is great!

  2. Yay Yay Yay Yay!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! It’s great that you have been recognized for all of your hard work!

  4. Congrats and Congrats- cannot wait to check out the magazine! Fun, I love your projects!

  5. Congrats! I DID see your cake in the chirp. How exciting!

  6. Fabulous–congrats, you deserve it!! Wish I could find that darn magazine in the store–arghhh!


  7. Congrats! I saw the cake in the Chirp & it was awesome, but I’ll have to look for the other one because I love Pink Cat Stamps & it sounds like a great gift idea.

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