what are YOUR skittles (dew drops, purely pebbles, etc) doing for the holidays????

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I am BESIDE myself with excitement to show you what i have been spending quite a bit of my time working on – albeit they arrived much behind my original hopes


yep – several new designs for Halloween:


Pumpkin Skittles

Candy Corn:

Candy Corn Skittles


Spider Skittles

Spider’s Web:

Web Skittles

and several more for Christmas:


Holly Skittles


Ornament Skittle


Peppermint Skittles


Snowflake Skittles


Snowman Skittles

ARE YOU THRILLED?!?!?!  i know i am – if only i had a chance to play with them – bt pezzy has been up since 4:20 and i have orders to pack n ship so cross your fingers for me that i can play with them tomorrow!!!  these arrived yesterday and i wanted to get them up for you ASAP since they are WAY late and halloween is around the corner but watch the DT blogs for fun projects coming SOON with these lil cuties!!

You can purchase these HERE in packs of 12 or combo packs of 30 – either halloween or christmas. and now i am off to do some packaging!! 

be sure and leave a comment telling me what you think…perhaps i should do a drawing for a FREE SET OF ALL OF THEM!!!!!  what do you think??? hee heeee!

holiday hugs!!

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58 Responses

  1. These are the cutest things ever. Each and every one is fantastic. I’m just amazed at the possibilities.

  2. What a cute cute idea!!! I just got my order, and cannot wait to play with all of this stuff! WOW!

  3. As much as I LOVE skittles…these are just the best ever!! I love them!!

  4. OMG!!! I loveeee Skittles and these are just wayyyy toooo cute!!!!!! 🙂

  5. omg how amazing are these skittles, i understand your excitement. hope you get a chance to play soon

  6. These are just waaaaaay to cute! I love the candy canes and the rest are just as awesome..Will def make some pages pop pop pop and boo boo boo and zing zing zing!!! !!! Thanks for the awesome chance to win some.

  7. […] eileen Submitted on 2009/10/09 at 8:00am […]

  8. You definetely out did yourself herem, Marti , these are GREAT… i am really liking all of them but that snowman is so CUTE! 🙂 NICE JOB!!!!

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