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I just LOVE fall – pezzy and I did some more baking last night – we made a pumpkin pie (giant as usual 9×13 dish – pie plates are just silly.)  The whole house smelled like fall and pumpkins and spices mmmmm!  Then we also made some sugar cookie dough – rolled it out and cut it with some cute mini cutters I grabbed at the grocery store.  We put them in the freezer and will (hopefully) bake them today and decorate them – a hobby of mine that has fallen by the wayside since discovering paper crafting! 

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On our last baking escapade we made yummy pumpkin spice zucchini muffins and I put some together for our neighbor – she had us and quite a few other neighbors over for a party and it was great to see folks and have all the kids together at once.  I wanted to do a little something more than a baggie of muffins so…:


Now you might recognize the card from a post last week.  I stamped the same image again on a towel using versacraft ink and then colored it in using fabrico markers.  I put it and the muffins in a GREAT find from Joann’s when I was out buying tulle the other day – SUCH a steal – 1.97!!!  How sweet is that!!

fabric close upThe towel I used was a sort of waffle weave and did not work as well as flat material but still cute.  I LOVE stamping and coloring on fabric and don’t do it nearly enough!

I have someone interested in ordering some of the versacraft 1″ ink cubes and markers which I only do by special order – so if anyone thinks they might be interested let me know!



Now back to those cookies…….

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6 Responses

  1. Marti, that’s such a cute and thoughtful idea/gift set for your neighbor!! Pumpkin pie-mmmm! I made an apple pie yesterday, and it too made the house smell so good and cinnamony! It was delicious!

  2. It’s time for lunch & you’re making me hungry! The pumpkin pie sounds awesome & the stamping on the muffin towel is adorable. I’d love to see the cookies when they’re done too.

  3. So cute and such a thoughtful gift.

  4. Wow, how fun, you mentioned the versa craft ink, is that what you used for this image?

  5. What a cutie, Marti! Great job and so thoughtful! Blessings to you!

  6. What a cute idea ! That would be good for Christmas too. H-m-m, gotta get busy !

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