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have i got a sweet deal for you then!  i am SO thrilled with october’s arrival i decided to run a one day only sale to celebrate!!!  EVRYTHING – EVERY SINGLE THING in the store is 33% off!!!! yep

33% off!!

just use the coupon code madmoney when you check out! the sale will go on until tomorrow morning at 5am!

i don’t have a project for you today.  i spent the ENTIRE day cooking yesterday.  i use to cook ALL the time until i got the papercrafting bug and started Pezadoodle Designs.  so yesterday i was just itching to get into the kitchen.  especially since the weather is getting so much cooler and i can make huge pots of soup!  i made a double batch of homemade chicken noodle, double batch of beef n barley, nearly 2 dozen burger patties out on the grill along with a whole pack of bacon so the boys can have ready to heat bacon burgers and quit spending a bundle running to mcdonalds, a double batch of pumpkin spice zuchini bread (some for us, some for my poor neighbor who is feeling yuck in the early stage sof pregnancy and some for another neighbor who is having us over for a neighborhood get together this weekend), AND finally a huge apple pie complete with homemade crust (i make mine in a 9 x 13 pan because with three hungry men in the house a little pie just doesn’t make it very long).  WHEW!!!  Pezzy *helped* the whole way through – what a trooper!  she LOVES to help me cook – especially anything that involves using *The Martha* – my bright purple kitchen aid mixer.

Now i am off to finish cleaning my kitchen EEK!

happy shopping!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Wow! That’s A LOT of cooking, but what fun you must have had with Pezzy. I’m jealous of your purple mixer. I’m just stuck with the black one.

  2. WOW – am I impressed! I also used to love to cook and the older I get, the less I like to cook (and besides, it’s no fun to cook “healthy”)! I will be sure to check out your products for the sale!


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