PDD tuesday!

well it’s official – i am SICK as a dog!  stuffy/runny nose, fever, bad sore throat, burning eyes, headache, coughing, whole body feels like i have been hit by a truck, nauseously SICK – because i have time for that ya know!

so today will be short and sweet – BE SURE TO CHECK THE OTHER GIRLS IN THE PLAYGROUP – see what they have going on for PDD Tuesday!  links are at the top of the left sidebar.  also is you scroll down you might notice i have added a whole slew of cricut links which leads us to my project……

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no i did not get up and craft in a roaming fever stupor – 😛  this is actually a project i completed last week and took a LONG time to work on because i would start and stop and start and stop……but i thought i would post it for today:


TA-DA – look at all those glittered skittles trotting around the lid!  whats inside you ask????

cake-in-a-box close ups

when the top is lifted off the box falls open to reveal these fun panels and the panel with the cupcake actually has a pocket to slide a gift card in.  boy have i been getting back into my cricut!  plus the adorable (if i do say so myself) layer cake in the middle:

cake-in-a-box cake

this was way too fun to make and i have plans/ideas for more one day…..the stamped images on the cake and the gift card pocket are Pezadoodle exclusives – Polkadot Pie Chocolate Treates 1.  ok i am about to fall asleep so i should go…SORRY!!


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3 Responses

  1. Wowzers! What an awesome creation!

  2. This is incredible, it must have taken forever. What a great project. Love it!

  3. […] by pezadoodle i am covering quite a bit here – cookies, a project and a tutorial for the Cake in a Box i […]

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