When your teens drive…….(Blog truffle at the end)


Main garage pic

we have two teen boys – 16 &18 – both recently got their licenses – trev (16) this summer and drake (18) last week.

so far trev has taken out the front of my truck with the front of his car and then shortly thereafter his friend’s mom hit him AGAIN in the same spot while he was parked in a parking lot.  the estimate we got was more than twice what his car is worth so it is currently being held together with plastic zip ties……

trevs car

you can see a few of the zip ties in front of the tire…….

part of the headlight has no cover….







my truck

this first pic is where trev hit me – in that one trev’s car won.  his bumper had no dents and kevin buffed out the scratches and you couldn’t even tell.

 mine…not so much.  initially this corner of the bumber was smashed in to the point of interfering with the wheel.  part of his light cover was embedded into my bumper so there is a hole through it.





now in the collision with my house however, the truck won.

no dents or anything just scratched to h***.  most of which might buff out except for the headlight cover which will need replacing.  the hood didn’t buckle or anything.

when i heard the noise – trev and i were sitting in the living room right on the other side of the garage – my first thought was OMG he hit the garage – what if the airbag went off and he is seriously injured.  i HATE airbags.  in every trial done i will likely be killed or seriously injured by my airbag because they are not meant to be used by someone my size.

i ran outside and he was getting out of the car and i was just so relieved to see he wasn’t hurt.  i didn’t even look at the house at first…..until hubby came out……needless to say it got very ugly from there:

garage collage

These are some of the pics i took for insurance…

kevin had a number of things stacked against the inner wall that drake hit…..and then his Harley – his pride and joy.  YEP  hubby ran inside to the garage and all we could hear outside was screaming and cussing.  i ran in to look and his harley was buried under a bunch of stuff……

at this point i thought i was going to throw up……i herded the boys upstairs to drake’s room along with their sister.  it took quite awhile for the situation to calm down enough for everyone to go to bed.

saturday morning was more about pracitcality than freaking out so it was spent with both of us on the phone with insurance companies (they are already throwing up excuses and such) and drake helping kevin shore up the support beam he knocked out and get the garage door working again so we could at least get kevins car OUT and keep the weather OUT.

can you believe thesae AFTER pics!!!!! i totally would not have thought this was possible……the garage door even goes up and down again – it actually works better now than it did before!

i gotta say it sure is nice having a husband as handy as mine is – he can do ANYTHING.  he constantly amazes me.  so tomorrow will be spent with adjusters coming and going all day – possibly as many as 4.  now THAT’s what i want to spend my day on right???  tho i am sure kevin had better ideas of what he wanted to do with his saturday, especially after all the hours he worked last week!  anyway i am sorry i don’t have a project for you but how about a little treat in exchange for some teen horror stories…..either your own story or your teen’s story.  stories that seemed bad – really bad – at the time but ended up just a blip on the radar.  you know, stories that end happy – i realize it could be FAR FAR worse.  i did tell both boys that this better be the end of it!!!

what do i have up for grabs??? a copy of one of my all time fave crochet embellie pattern leaflets for the holidays:

holiday fridgie leaflet

i have used these paterns for YEARS – since these teens were small – and recently scored 2 extra copies as they are long out of print.  the patterns are easy to follow and you don’t need extensive crocheting experience.  i plan to begin mine this week so you will likely see them making some appearances on holiday projects soon!

so leave me some teen horror stories with happy endings and everyone still loving each other to lift my spirits!!!!!!!!!!!!!  the drawing will be on Wednesday morning.

great big stressed out mama hugs!
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19 Responses

  1. Oh Marti–I feel for ya girlie! I’m so sorry–I can only imagine the stress! Poor kids–you wanna strangle & hug ’em at the same time, lol! Sure hope insurance works in your favor! Hugs to ya all—don’t enter me in the giveaway though cuz you know I don’t do any kind of sewing, hee hee!


  2. I remember when my son was about 17 and had not been driving long. He used my 1 and only car to get around. He got a ticket, for what I really don’t remember, but he said something was wrong the way the ticket was given or i said. I was worried about the insurance going up so we went to fight it in Juvenile court and I told him he was doing all the talking. We arrived about 30 minutes early, and if we lost it was a lot of money he would have to pay for the fine. So we waited the 30 minutes and then until the judge called us. He was dressed nice to make a good impression and really sweating. The judge called him and the officer didn’t arrive so he thought he won(if the officer doesn’t show your case is dismissed). Anyway the judge states that we will give the officer another 15 minutes. Everytime the door opened he sweated more. Well the judge called us back and dismissed the case since the officer didn’t show. He learned his lesson and the judge asked me if I thought he did and I told him that having him wait and sweat to the sounding of the door — He Did.

  3. I have to chuckle. I did that to our garage door when DD was running late for volley ball practice. I FORGOT to open the stupid door!!!

  4. Big hugs Marti, sounds like a rough weekend.

  5. Oh My Gosh! What a terrible day. Once I ran into the garage door, it still has a dent in it!

  6. When I was a teenager,my parents gave me my dad’s old Chevy Corsica to drive to and from school and work. I had to have my own insurance and pay for my own gas plus be “on call” for errands if needed in order to have it. Well, one afternoon when I was leaving school, I backed out of a spot without looking and so did one of my classmates. We bumped rear bumpers and the incident left some scuffing on both of our cars but nothing major. We exchanged info just in case ( we were both “green” drivers and daddy’s girls lol) and headed on our way. I got home and told my mom and she said I had to tell my dad when he got home from work. I went out and parked my car so that the back was facing the neighbor’s house and wrapped a kitchen towel around the “damaged” area. After dinner, my dad asked about the kitchen towel about the same time we heard “WHAM!!” We ran outside to see our neighbors’ son’s brand new Dodge Avenger back to back with my car!! He (another “green” driver) had hit the gas too hard coming out of their driveway and backed right into the back of my car. I burst into tears and started confessing about the earlier accident, trying to hide the damage with the towel and now this! My dad just roared with laughter! The insurance companies came out and did their thing and both cars were replaced ( both were totaled). Now it is a running joke in our family that if someone has an accident (of any kind from spilling something to breaking a glass) DONT put a towel on it, it will make it worse! lol.

  7. OMG Marti! I stopped by to take a look at what you’ve been up to and I see that your sick and THIS!! Well, at least Drake is still there. 🙂 Hope you feel better soon. Don’t enter me into the drawing since you know I don’t sew!

  8. oh my i guess u didnt tell me all this, well let me tell u about Anthony,age 2 i ran in to my aunts house for 1 min .well i thought 1 min, we were talking all the sudden we heard a loud crash ran out side ,guess what i forgot to shut off the car left Anthony in the car he climb out of his car seat went to the drivers seat and yes Marti he did drive into the garage at the age of 2 so i guess there age has nothing to do with the silly things they do.31 yrs later and we still laugh about it,so u guys will laugh about it down the road,call me love mama P

  9. I remember my first time driving in snow. I was coming home from my shift at Burger King and I was behind a snowplow that decided to make a right hand turn without signaling. I hit the brakes on my Canary Yellow 69 Ford Mustang and the car began to spin. I was scared to death and ended up on the other side of the road going the other way and the engine had stalled out. Thank goodness a kind man came over to make sure I was OK. I was shaking but OK and no damage to the car (until a few months later LOL) Since then some 30 years have passed and I have totaled 2 cars (in the last 3 years). Both times in snow!! And I have never had an airbag deploy … by the way in case anyone didn’t know trees are harder than guardrails!!

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