a mojo bday

happy tuesday all!  pezzy is in playschool this morning so that means i get an extra couple hours to myself!! 

i just gotta tell y’all something funny DH did/said while we were watching tv sunday night.   awhile back i made DH subscribe to my blog cuz i was having trouble with something and needed to run a test subscription.  it turns out he actually READS it!

well, i am AVID about crime drama – books, movies, tv shows – can’t get enough. always have been.  so USA channel was running an NCIS marathon this weekend and pezzy ACTUALLY went right to sleep so DH came back down and we got to watch a tv show together {rare}.  well on this particular NCIS a seriel killer was the main character and he kept a book with a photo of all of his vitims and referred to it as a scrapbook.  so after the umpteenth reference to the *scrapbook*he turns and looks at me and {totally straight face} says wow that is some lame scrapbook.  and i say yea cuz i mean – it’s murder victims right.  and HD says i mean he has no embellies or anything -ROTFL!  never did i think i would hear the word embellie come out of his mouth much less hear him use it correctly in a sentence!!  that’s the second time he’s done that!

and now on to the show….

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Mojo104Sketch i got a project done yesterday cuz pezzy NAPPED!

i decided to do this week’s mojo monday sketch – i tend to stay away from circles.  they instantly scare me which is ridiculous since i have several nesties and a cricut.  i think it is a knee jerk reaction to my early days of limited supplies and never managing to cut a decent circle!  anyway i decided to jump right in:


i also avoid little strips that stop in the middle of the card because i can never think of a clever way to approach them but like i said – free time so i jumped in!    the party hat is from doodlecharms – cricut cart and i stickled it too.  man i love that thing!  it has been neglected for awhile but i have been incorporating it more lately since it is just so darn cool!  my SU demo has had one – an E no less – for months and it is still in the box!!!!  the horror!  i am supposed to go over tomorrow and show her how to use it.  i  edged EVERYTHING in rich cocoa – the card was really washed out without it!

038the main image is from my Polka Dot Pie collection – Chocolate Treats 1.  i colored the frosting, pieced the wrapper and stickled the swirl.

of COURSE i used a few glittered skittles for the little accents!


this will go out to the next one up on my bday list. 

have a happy stampy day!

better blog siggy

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Stamp: Polkadot Pie for Pezadoodle – Chocolate Treats 1

Ink: Memento – black, cocoa; Copics – E47, E35, E33

Paper: PTI white; Doodlebug patterned papaer; SU Pink Passion, Gable Green 

The Rest: Cricut Doodlecharms; Crystal Stickles, Glittered Skittles, Scallopped Circle Nesties


6 Responses

  1. So my hair is still dripping wet and I have yet to choose anything to wear for work and it is now 8 am and I’m supposed to be at work by 8:30. Do I have a blowdryer in my hand??? NO cuz I’m reading your blog!!! I feel like students actually came and kicked my ass these last two weeks so I thought I’d take some time for ME!!!

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHA, first of all, congrats on the miracle of actually spending tv watching time with your hubby!!! Second…..LOLOLOL…I had discovered why Kev sometimes goes insane when he sees boxes of “EMBELLIES” and stuff arrive at your door – cuz you won’t let him play with them too!!! LOL…that’s what it is..all the men are secretly jealous and WISH they could play too! K….water dripping onto the keyboard…I MISS MY PIC!!!

  2. Oh Marti! Great hubby story! And your card is gorgeous! Wonderful colors and layers! Blessings to you!

  3. Love your card–you did good with the circles! And love your DH’s use of embellies in a sentence! What a kick. Isn’t it nice to know he does realize what you are doing!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us.

  4. I am totally cracking up at your story! Thanks for the early morning laugh!

    Wonderful card ~ so glad you jumped in with both feet! Have a great day!



  5. Your card is adorable! I too love NCIS! You are hoot…. love your blog!

  6. Great card – yummy looking cupcake! I’ve got to dust off my cricut and start using it again 🙂

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