it’s ON!!! SAVE BIG!!


Pezadoodle Designs labor day bonanza!  while supplies last!

I CANNOT believe it is Friday and i have not had a chance to craft a single thing for y’all this week.  i am shriveling up i tell ya from lack of creative activity!  i REALLY thought i would have a chance to do something this morning that i have been planning all week however she-who-never-sleeps was up FOR THE DAY at 2:30 this morning.  no that’s not a typo….TWO friggin THIRTY in the MORNING.  i tried until 4 to get her back to sleep but nothing was working and i finally needed to come downstairs and get the sale live for y’all so i brought her down with me.  she fell asleep briefly around 6:15 on the couch and then hubby’s phone went off (not just ringing it is far more annoying than that) and woke her right back up SO that was the end of that.  now we are babysitting for the morning and then maybe she will nap….she has GOT to nap right????  EGADS!  if she does i will probably need to nap myself!  oh scrap room i hear you calling……..LOLOL!

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