a tiny happy bday gift for a super friend! (and an oh s***)


ok first lets take care of the oh s*** first.  i sent out the Laugh Out Loud glitter glues……….and it turns out they are NOT the LOL glitter glues…….SO i will be re-sending those this week – no need to contact me it will go out to everyone who ordered automatically – SO SORRY!!!!

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i just have a quick post for you today – i have actually already shown the card before but i added a cute little gift set to it for my buddy susana whose stamp i used to make the card:

susanas gift

See those little jars of bath salts and body butter – little recycled flower soft jars filled with HOME MADE bath goodies i made myself!  yes actually i AM a little over impressed with myself – sorry!  i had been playing with recipes for awhile making adjustments and fine tuning and failing MISERABLY at body butter but i finally have it down!!!  and the little jars are perfect for it!  heavens knows i have a ton of them left over from breaking the flower soft down into sample sizes for my mini kits.  and MFT has the perfect little label set for bath goodies that i used here.  this are great to have on hand and throw into a gift set – bdays, something for a new mom, stocking stuffers.

this is only the tip of the iceburg in a larger plan but you will have to wait for that *wink* (NO i am not going into the bath products business).

ok signing off – i hope everyone has had a good weekend so far!!

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5 Responses

  1. Love this little set. Great gift.

  2. This is a precious gift set! The recipient will be thrilled!

  3. this is such a pretty set love the colors

  4. WOW, what a great gift! Too cute!!!

  5. Perfect little gift, Marti, and so thoughtful! I love making those goodies, too! You did and awesome job and I know she’ll be thrilled! Blessings to you!

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