Tuesday Morning Sketch 4:another recipe

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super quick post for ya – as you read this i will be on my way to (or already at) CKC Valley Forge – YAY!  i have to leave at 4am EEK!

i was contacted recentlyby melissa craig who hosts the sketches each tuesday so i like dthe one for this week –  tuesday morning sketch 4 – and thought it would be perfect for another recipe page:

picadillo recipe

picadillo recipe 2

picadillo is a sort of Cuban equivalent to meatloaf & mashed potatoes or beef stew – a staple-feed-a-bunch-of-people-grandma’s-home-cooking type of dish.  it was definitely my grandma’s MOST requested dish when i was a kid and another family fave around here.  quick and simple to make with lots of flavor!

glitter skittle close up

my polkadot pie border provided a perfect opportunity to use some skittles *grin* – love those things!!!







and now i am off to pack for my classes and get some sleep!

thanks for stopping by!

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3 Responses

  1. Oh, another yummy-sounding recipe for me to try! 🙂 Aren’t these recipe pages addicting? I’ve made quite a few cookbooks from pages I’ve gotten in swaps.

  2. Interesting recipe and a most beautiful recipe card!

  3. So Marti, why didn’t you link this up and participate in the challenge?? I just discovered this doing a random search. This is fabulous and the recipe sounds so yummy!!

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