photo fun with jessica sprague

i have owned photoshop for over a year now and been a WAY-on-the-outskirts member over at jessica sprague for nearly as long.  a couple weeks ago i finally took the plunge and signed up for two classes:

Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects – FREE even

Extraction Secrets Mega-Lesson

Both are somewhat self paced which is a must for me!  i have only worked on the photo editing class – a new lesson is revealed every day – they are on day 12 or something and i just did day 3 this morning!  BUT OH WHAT a cool class so far and today was phenomenal!  i was so excited by what i learned and did i decided to post it here 🙂

the lesson covered giving a photo a vintage, hand tinted look.  i knew exactly what batch of photos i wanted to play with – these are from Mother’s Day:


and here they are after going through jessica’s lesson

the first one followed her lesson exactly and i only tinted the cheeks a bit:

in this one i did more tinting – cheeks, hair and the tulip she is picking:


so whaddaya think?  these are really so much easier than i thought – just gotta know what does what and then it’s click-click-click!  i highly recommend the classes over there – they are really fantastic and so clear and easy to follow!

Tune in tomorrow for the new studio G challenge!!!

big hugs!
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6 Responses

  1. Wow! Great photos!

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos!

  3. very fun! I love doing stuff like this only i rarely play anymore! I really should play again soon! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. oh boy my grandaughter is sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful great job on the photos

  5. She is a CUTIE!!

  6. She is beautiful! I am taking her class too. Been using photoshop since it’s beginning. Love it!

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