Something new on the website!

i recently put up some new and totally different products up on my website and i wanted to take a minute to tell y’all about them.  my stepmom is an amazing beader and has been making these totally cool interchangeable beaded watch bands.  they are in high demand out in St George where she lives.  you can purchase ONE watch face and then any band to go with it in different styles and colors to match your moods or outfits! here is a sampling:


this is my favorite one!



the bands all have secure lobster style clasps:


the watch face is $15.00 and watch bands are $25.  HOWEVER if you purchase two watch bands the price for ADDITIONAL watch bands goes down to $20!!!  so be sure and check out all the styles and let me know what you think!

Pezzy is going to new jersey ALL DAY with daddy today so you know what that means….SCRAPPIN’ TIME!  i have photos printed out and ready to go!  the timing is perfect since there is an online crop going on over in the Scrapping Friends group i am in.  this group is THE most fabulous scrappin group on the web (and i am a member of many).  this group is an amazingly friendly bunch of ladies – never any drama – lots of fun activities and sharing – constant giveaways aand freebies and LOADS of inspiration.  i would love to invite you ALL to come over and join us!

signing off to scrap!
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