Garden Sign & mounting video (finally)

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I created a little garden sign for my mom’s yard as a Mother’s Day gift and i don’t think i ever posted it here.  i got the basic idea from Crafts n Things magazine and then went from there.

garden sign

garden sign close up 1

i FINALLY inked up the gorgeous 2 step wiseria stamp i just HAD to have and used that as the main image on my wood base which is distressed and then framed with wood pieces painted with crackle paint and stamped with timber brown staz on.






garden sign close up 2

i knew i wanted some sort of quote on the bottom piece and found the perfect one online.  i made the little beaded dangle and attached it to the bottom.  everything is sprayed with a sealer so it can safely hang outside!


and now onto the video that refused to work last time – i see an awful lot of confusion regarding mounting options for traditional rubber stamps so this video covers that topic.  i know many of you are seasoned stampers and so you don’t need this type of video but there are alot of new stampers out there who really need the basics so they can get started!  i hope this video will be useful!

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks, Marti, for this tutorial. It was very helpful.

  2. Thanks Marti! Now how about one unmounting the wooden stamps. Speaking of stamp-I know we all love the little studio g’s but have you seen the new little gamma stamps from baic grey? A set of 12 limited ed-makes me wonder if they are trying to compete with Hamptons Studio G. They are very cute-I just love the little owl! There are some very unusal ones to -like a teapot and a Russian Nesting Doll. If you haven’t seen them you might want to take a look-cuteeee!

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