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A “Pezzy helped” project today:


don’t get too excited, she only helped a little!


Pezzy picked this out on one of our strolls through Joanns “for her birdies in the yard.”  Then she picked out the colors from my paint dabbers and i let her paint the roof for me.  of course i had to go back and touch up a tad, lumos and drips and such, but she LOVED it of course.

i painted the rest of the colors on while she was napping and when she got up and i showed her, her little eyes just LIT UP – she was thrilled with the color scheme.




so next i brought up an inkadinkado stamp set and let her help me stamp the roof – when you look closely you can see the smudges but i figured it’s ok 🙂

after that i gave it a good coat of sealer so we can hang it outside and then she wanted some moss and flowers like the bird terrarium.  now i doubt a bird will actually use it but it WILL look cute hanging outside under the deck  hee heee!





blog tag

Stamps: Inkadinkado

The Rest: Paint Dabbers: watermelon, sunset orange, sunshie yellow, citrus

and here are a couple super cute ones of pezzy helping make red velvet cake:





SUCH a good helper!!

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7 Responses

  1. Love the bird feeder – very bright and cheerful! The pics of Pezzy are adorable! Mama’s little helper!

  2. awww, Pez is so cute!! Looks like she enjoys cooking as much as crafting. The bird feeder is a great idea.

  3. oh too cute!! dont they grow up so fast! Wonderful pics Marti, I have similar pics of sophie at the cooker too helping make buns, dressed the very same too!!! Cake looks like it turned out amazing, loving the colour! Hope you are well! Hugs mandyxx

  4. Oh isn’t she sa-weeeeeeeeeet! Look at her in her diaper makin’ cake like a big girl! RED VELVET – you know how to make that?? Ohhhh momma, when can I come over for tea and cake with the Pezzys!!

  5. Adorable child! And Red Velvet Cake is probably the MOST awesome cake ever invented!! First had this cake back in the…..uh……70’s (I was in Mom’s womb)…….no, seriously, I was old enuff to make it myself. FABulous! Esp. with the buttercream icing……..I’m so wanting that cake NOW!!!

  6. She is SOOO cute!

  7. Oh my goodness she is getting so big!!! Still as cute as ever! What great pictures, looks like fun 🙂

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