The crawfish heiress….

Pics today!

my family has been doing huge easter crawfish boils for as long as i can remember and my cousin Tad has been in charge for nearly as long.  he is BY FAR the most excellent crawfish cooker EV-AH!  once in awhile someone else has to take over and it really isn’t the same.  the boys grew up playing with crawfish just like i did and now it is Hollyn’s turn:

Playin in the crawfish

Playin in the crawfish

In training with Tad to be the next crawfish cooking expert 

Can you find the eggs??  These were for the little kids

The hunt is on!

I am really missing playing in my usual challenges – some GREAT sketches this week!  be sure and hit the DT Playgroup blogs tomorrow!!


7 Responses

  1. I WANT A BUCKET-o-CRAWFISH!!! *LOL* Pezzy-lu-who is soooooo cute!!! Look at all those gorgeous curls! Your mom’s yard is be-yooooo-tiful! Maybe I’m just not used to seeing green anymore! Glad you are having a fabulous time!!! Now COME HOME! LOL!!!

  2. Looks like fun! And look how green everything is! It snowed here last weekend.

    Hope you’re having a GREAT time!

  3. Marti, have a wonderful time with your family! Your pictures are amazing!

  4. Ohhhh what a fun time! Look at your little girl – ohhh she’s gonna love crawdaddin’ when she’s a big girl. YUM YUM YUM – – so glad you’re having a good vacation with your family!

  5. What a fun time you are having! Enjoy your break..

  6. Looks like everyone had so much fun!! Never had crawfish (don’t even know what they are *blush*) . How beautiful is that little girl, definately a heart breaker for the future 😉

    Can’t wait to do our egg hunt here on Saturday 🙂

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