Day dreaming…..

i love this Flower Soft stamp – i want to be sitting right next to this well!! hee heee! i used last week’s sketch by MJ – just did not have time to post it!

















The shimmery gold marbled panel is one of my favorite perfect pearl techniques.  A quick tutorial will follow at the end of this post.

I colored the image with copics, including the portions I would cover with flower soft. i did not get real exact with it – the stamp itself is not very exact either. Then i dabbed glue in some areas where i could see leaf shapes, sprinkled with flower soft and ultra fine glitter. then dabbed more glue around the rest of the flower-y areas and sprinkled with a mix of flower soft floral bouquet colors and more ultra fine glitter.




Gather your supplies for the polished stone panel: kaleidacolor rainbow ink pad, brayer, glossy cardstock, perfect pearls (i used heirloom gold), mister with water, this paintbrush, crumpled paper towel, paint tray.

This technique is very similar to the one used on the Geisha card


Brayered Pieces

Use the brayer to cover your glossy cardstock piece completely.  you can also use regular ink pads and just vary the color however you want as long as the cardstock is covered.

Mix the perfect pearls with water to make a thin, watery paint.  use the paint brush to make random wavy lines on the cardstock, leaving space in between.

Spray the cardstock with the mini mister of water so the perfect pearls is *activated* and begins to run.  Dab all over with the crumpled paper towel to get marble-like lines over the entire surface.  let dry:










I hope some of you are able to try this – i’d love to see your results!!!



4 Responses

  1. I love the DP you made and what you did with this stamp. I have this stamp but am a little scared of it! You’ve inspired me to give it a try, though!

  2. Um…..that looks really cool…and yet very complicated….I love that well – need to try my Flower Soft!

  3. *breathes* oooooooh my!!!! I loveys that!!!

  4. Great tutorial! Beautiful card!

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