Beautiful Award

hi everyone! i got a wonderful surprise tonight – my friend kathy eddy awarded me this!

i am so thrilled and touched – thank you kathy!!!

and now i must pick 5 blogs to send the award on to so i choose:

Catherine (of course) – she has been getting back in the swing of things lately and really ROCKIN’ the flower soft so go check her out!

Christine is next – and an oh so cute image from the greeting farm up today!!

Amy of course – every single thing she’s done since i started following her a year ago has been knock-me-over gorgeous! AND fun to hang out with too tho we rarely get the time…..

Jen – the second blog i ever checked (my friend amy being the first) and i have loved it ever since!! she has the BEST sketches every saturday – play if you haven’t already! PLUS she is just the sweetest and always so helpful when i need it!

Suzanne – the WORST enabler of them all and oh so fantastically fun AND talented – SO glad i “ran into her” in blog land!

if you are not familiar with these girls go take a look!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Marti for the award—you’re too sweet!


  2. Thanks, Marti!! And back at ya!

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