CHA fun people fun time part 5

so we walk in day 2 and the first thing we see is this:

now seriously folks HOW cute is this little (big) guy?????? i totally have a thing for bugs (not the real one mind you the fake cute kind) and so i am in love with him!

the next thing we saw was a booth covered in feathers – of COURSE i immediately had to go roll around in them:

then catherine was throwing them up in the air:

the booth owner (thank god) thought it was hilarious and even snapped some more shots of us πŸ™‚ i’m tellin ya – fun people fun time!!!

so i did actually do some business – wanted to show y’all a couple ne witems i will be adding to the store – have you heard fo zva creative?? self adhesive rhinestone designs – gorgeous, acrylic and very inexpensive:

they also have these fun fabric flowers – the petals have just a bit of puff which is reall nice….

and fabric covered brads:
what does everyone think??

next up – very exciting – some flower soft news for ya!

recently, some of you may remember – i used some flower soft on a project with the new polkadot pie stamps and i i used it to represent cake. well y’all all wanted to know where i got my flower soft and to be honest i have been playing with it for nearly a year since catherine had given me some for my birthday and had gotten more in the UK because that was the only place you could get it. well i started trying to hunt it down for you and couldn’t find the handy little sets of smaller pots with several different colors. SO i will now carry them myself!!! only in the boxed kits:

this is the beginners kit – everything you need to get started – flower soft, glue, wires and paper accents, etc.

next up a few add on kits – pastels:


and the gorgeous bouquet mixes:

so be on the lookout for tutorials on those coming up on my blog!!! the rep also said they have a flower soft certification course in the works for july cha woohoo!!!

switching gears – i am pretty sure i am part raccoon because bling just DRAWS me – i about fell over myself when i saw this – an entire tree covered in MS glitter and seriously folks is there anything better than MS glitter??? i think not!!!!

pic of course does nto do it justice….

OF COURSE i had to run over and see what tim was up to and meet with my ranger rep:

the man is a trooper and SUCH a good sport!!!

and now i live you wth images from the booth i hung out at all morning:

these are impressibilities – yes it is embossing without the hassle of the folder. they are more fabulous than words can convey. i had spent the better part of a day with mary over the summer – her daughter adn son-in-law invented the wizard and dies. she is so so very super sweet and i just couldn’t wait to see her again. then we hung out and watched wendy (SCS-wendy bell) and some of the other DT members workin their magic with the new dies – wendy was very fun and i was her sidekick for a bit to ooooh and ahhhh at the appropriate time. SUCH a fun bunch over there! the best thing they came out with – a magnetic spacer so your die doesn’t shift – can i get a OH YEA!!!

now while i have no intention of carrying spellbinders – enough folks already do that well – i WILL have something coming out in connection with the new dies that you will not want to miss!!! i ran the idea by mary and she loved it!

we have been teasing suzanne unmercifully and refer to her as queen shwazanne (long story) so we had one of the girls make her a crown:

here we are at the end of the night for a stop at target – at this point our bags were so stuffed and heavy we could barely carry them so we had to get a cart – it was FILLED (and yes her highness was STILL wearing her crown)

well my cha buddies will be so glad i did my post so early so they won’t have to wait on me to leave today πŸ™‚

for your comment today i’d really love to hear your thoughts on the new stuff…..


48 Responses

  1. I am loving the new bling and the flowers look wonderful. Would love to get my hands on that flowersoft and the most wanted on my list are those new spellbinders items. I want no NEED all 4 that I saw. The new (is it sizzix)embossing folders look amazing also. Can’t wait to start getting this new stuff. Will def be watcing for it in your blog/store! Hugs and thanks for all the fun this week. I love the pic with Tim!! oh and the bug is so darn cute and you look like you had a blast with the feathers. Did you come away from that tree all ‘blinged”up? LOL

  2. I love the flowers…the seem to have so much dimension and the fabric covered brads would add a nice center. Can’t wait to see them on the site.

  3. So what exactly were the feathers for?!! So many great things to see there. I would be so easily distracted! I also LOVE those Flower Soft sets. Gotta have it!

    Rene’ Mewes

  4. what do the impressibilities do? are they like dies but not so sturdy?

  5. buttons, feather and bling OH MY!!!

    fabulous stuff. I want it all!!!!

  6. XOXOX the fabric covered brads… they will be great for masculine creations. The impressibilities looks interesting… think I’ll need to try it!

    Char in So Cal
    {scrampaddict}{at}{cox} {dot} {net}
    darn spammers! LOL

  7. I’m very excited about the flower soft kits in different colors! I’m sure no one notice you rolling around in the feathers. πŸ™‚

  8. The ZVA rhinestone transfer looked great, but I would pass on the flowers (I didn't see what you meant by "puff" to them, so maybe IRL…) & brads.

    I have been wanting to try Flower Soft, so a kit would be GREAT… loved the "Bouquet Mix".

    Cute "Girls Go GaGa Over Tim" picture!

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