CHA fun people fun time part 4! studio g folks!

oh my studio G babies! look what bob has in stor efor us now:

yes those are $1 chalks!!!! yes that’s right 24 colors of chalk for $6 my friends! i wish i could tell you i tried them out but they had no samples out 😦 however, considering how amazing the inks and glitter glue have been i have no doubts on these, besides bob promised…hee heeee.

up next we have a new collectio of ink pads and glitter glues that are perfectly matched to each other:

yes i know the pic is side ways – can’t figure it out and i am seriously lacking in bran capacity so you’ll just have to turn yourselves since i can’t turn the pic ……..

next in the clear stamp series we have:

now for your entry post today – y’all let me know what you think of these cuz to be honest they didn’t have me fallin out of my chair like the fairies (oh that fairy set…)

and finally – your next comment assignment – these litle babies:

i think of them as studio Gs all growed up – they would retail around $5-$6 a pack, come with an acrylic block and stamp pad. whaddaya think? do y’all like? do you want them in the store??

as the show was closing last night i went over and hung out with bob and cheryl my two reps that i torture incessantly on y’alls behalf and it was just wonderful! to finally meet them in person and get to know each other and have time to chat a bit – they are just the sweetest.

tho i can’t share details bob and i talked about some cool stuff coming down the pike you won’t want to miss AND *trumpeting sound, drumroll* hampton art will be sponsoring a monthly contest for me!! what does that mean? that means we will have a challenge each month, pick a winner and the winner will receive a package of hampton art goodies in the mail! now isn’t that sweet??? so i have not decided how that will work and where i will do the chaallenge – here or in the papercraft planet group but i am leaning towards doing it here…………i think i will get more entrants……….so dust off those studio Gs you have been hoarding and get ready to play!!!!!


48 Responses

  1. I am totally addicted to the $1 stamps…not sure that I would go “up” to the kits though.

    The challenge sounds really cool!

  2. I love the Stduio G chalks. They look great! I don’t like the idea of a stamp pad, because I have hundreds of stamp pads already, but the sets look nice.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Rene’ Mewes

  3. OH I can’t wait for the matching stamp pad and glitter YEeeeeeehhh!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. I am so in love and addicted to Studio G. I want want want!!! I just cannot get enough of these stamps, glitter, little ink pads. they are fabulous and for us big time crafters…inexpensive! How wonderful!!!

  5. I think tghe draw to the dollar stamps is the price… a stamper gets a lot of images for such a little money. But yes you get what you pay for as there is not alot of detail or sizeability… oh well what do you want for a buck?! LOL

    Char in So Cal
    {scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}

  6. I love the glitter matched to the stamp pads. I’m a huge fan of chalk, and if it also matches the inks, I would be interested. The kits look great with a terric price point, but how many of the same ink pad does one need??

  7. I enlarged the $1 stamps photo, & liked two~ the Friendship & the square designs.
    I wouldn't buy a "Vaue Set"… that might be great for a new stamper…

  8. Ooooh, I like the new $1 stamps! (except that one set has a typo – it should read “YOU’RE” invited, not “your.” But if they fix that, then I think they’re all pretty cute -great for cardmaking! As for the kits, MUST HAVE those OWLS! The rest of the kits are so-so, but the OWLS – LOVE!

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