fun people fun time (part 2)!!!


Here’s the front of the convention center

All of the classrooms are on the second floor – which was WAY higher than the normal second floor – which was a wee bit of a problem because i have this irrational fear of escalators but we were too lazy to take that many stairs or find an elavator so here is the escalator i kept having to ride up on:

i start off standing up but by the top i am literally crouching on the step in full blown panic mode – thank god cat can put up with me!!!!!!!!!!!! but it was ALL worth it because THIS is what was waiting for us at the top!

YEP that’s catherine on the left and me on the right with t!m!!! he was BEYOND fabulous – he lived up to his reputation and then some as a teacher and a great and funny guy and his products and project were outstanding!

and here is me with mario who was also FABulous!

and our project – use the new alcohol inks, new refillable pen, some super cool tin tape and one of his new stamps sets – detail pics below.

and the BEST part – the back! LMAO!

here’s cat’s with a different mix of colors.

that evening we went to the splitcoast cupcake reception:
hoe luscious are THESE:

we spent a good bit of our evening (when we weren’t runnin around finally connecting humans with blogs) with dianna crick of scor-pal noteriety:

i just fell in love with her….maybe she will adopt me……she is a super fabulous and fun lady and we “talked shop” quite a bit and did a little scheming so be sure to stay tuned for that!!!

and then of course the highlight of my evening:

the three loudoun VA girlies!! suzanne dean on the left (of poprock infamy) – of course i flew here with her and we’ve been roomies but the girlie on the right is my buddy amy sheffer of pickled paper designs. she lives just a mile from me but we just NEVER have time to hang out – i know how pathetic right????? so we flew across country to see each other! (ok helps that we both left the hubbies and all the kids behind) we’ll be spending the day together tomorrow HOORAY!!!

ok no more time to post as the door to the floor is about to open and cat and suzanne are going to LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey share the internet cord more often girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



72 Responses

  1. Love what you made in Tim’s class. Too cool. I’m so excited that Ranger is coming out with the other colors in alcohol inks. Can’t wait to use peach bellini on a background!

  2. Your project with Tim turned out BEAUTIFUL! Mario does look like sweetie, too!

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