CHA fun people fun time!!!!!!! (part 1)

well we made it here AND suzanne DID NOT freak out on the flight (much)!!!

we flew into the long beach airport – on the advice of suzanne’s neighbor and well that is NOT a big airport……when we got off the plane we had to go down some rickety stairs and walk across the tarmack. then we went in the door and walked across a hallway to the door that said baggage claim. we went through the door and i thought, this looks weird…are they doind construction…..oh wait a minute, we are BACK OUTSIDE. the baggage claim is OUTSIDE. and there was only ONE that i could see.

but we made it to the hotel with no lost luggage – it is RAINING which is kinda lame……
then catherine – from my design team – arrived later in the afternoon. well let me tell you the three of us are QUITE the three stooges! here we are all airplane ridin grungy:

we went to joe’s crab shack for dinner:

here’s the three of us in our “crab gear”

catherine and suzanne got these giant pomegranate poprock margaritas:
well let me tell you – when you dump those poprocks in – sucker EXPLODES!! we had poprocks EVERYWHERE! i don’t think i have ever laughed so hard in my life!!! we had poprocks in our hair, all over the table, all over the seats – which we didn’t realize til we were walking back to the hotel and trying to get poprocks off our BUTTS!

if you have kids i highly encourage you to try this at home (nix the alcohol obviously). i’m thinking it needs to be a thick drink so the poprocks don’t sink so maybe a slushie or slurpee…..go to 7-11, get slurpee, dump in poprocks, safety goggles optional…..but possibly a good idea….

cat and i will be off taking classes today – first with tim holtz and then one for acrylic albums.

we are BOTH doing BIG BIG giveaways – simply post a comment on each of our CHA posts telling us what you think of that days’ post – we will be drawing names at the end. my prize will be a FULL SET OF THE NEW ALCOHOL INKS and cat’s prize will be a collection of Tim goodies – metal embellies, grungepaper and mini masks!!!!

fun people fun time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


78 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for some warmer weather to give the Pop Rocks a try. It will be a fun night!

  2. WOw, I have never heard of pop rock martinis but they sound fun! I might have to try that at my next get together! Hope you are having fun!!

  3. It’s funny, I just had pop rocks over Christmas. Hadn’t had them in a long, long time.
    Susan G

  4. I still don’t get the whole pop rocks thing but ohmy do you gals look like you know how to have fun!

  5. Love the pics of everything. The poprocks LOL. The readiness for the lobster. YUM

  6. LQQKs like TOO MUCH FUN!!

    I am going to try the slurpee/poprocks thingy with my kids… they love both so how can I go wrong?! LOL!

    Char in So Cal
    {scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}

  7. I wish you had a picture of the pop rocks on your butt. I would have loved that one. Hope you post picks of that acrylic album.

  8. What "Wild & Crazy" Girls you all are~how FUN!

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